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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Dear Captain

 After nearly 13 years of loyal friendship and love we said good bye to our dear Captain.

 {While we were in Florida we would shave him. It kept down on the dog hair and he seemed happier to not have to be brushed so often}

 {A few days before we put him down. All the boys saying good bye to their friend}

We knew he was getting old. He was going deaf and we could tell that his body was getting old. He would still play but only for a short amount of time and then he would be done.

 {After Jamer when ever we brought another boy home from the hospital I got a look from Captain like "really.... another one??!!" (Benji)}

 {But he loved those boys so much! He looked after them and wanted to be near them}

{Especially the babies, he was always to patient with them}

 {And would lick them crazy to put them in their place  (Benji)}

The two weeks before he passed was really sad. He fell on the hard wood floor and couldn't get back up, if he came down stairs he couldn't go up them. He stopped eating his food. And he wouldn't play at all. It was so sad.

 {Tim is my animal lover, and I think he took it the hardest}

 {Captain loved our family fiercely, and put a good fight until the end}

 {13 great years!}

We watched him for a week to see if this was a phase or if it was the real thing. After a week there was no improvement and he was starting to get worse.

 {He loved going for walks and chasing squirrels.... and cats}

 {He was always so good when a little person was on the end of the leash... he wouldn't ever pull hard or run away}
 {He always walked slow enough so they could keep up}

We made the hardest decision Steve and I have ever made, and that was to say good bye, and put Captain to sleep.
 {He was always a good sport for getting his picture taken too. Look how pretty!!}

We told the boys about a week before so they were prepared for it. We let them say goodbye to him and helped them wade through their emotions. They each wrote a letter to Captain and he was buried with those.
 {He came on all of our adventures with us.... he loved going 4-wheeling and would run along side the 4-wheeler for miles}

 {He was great in the car so it was easy to road trip with him. He would jump in and lay down at the feet of the boys (Ronoake Virgina)}

 {He loved being near people, and was always in the middle of the chaos}

 {This is where the name of this blog came from....}

 I am thankful for all the wonderful memories that we have of our dear friend.

 Forever Remembered - Forever Loved - Forever Missed

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