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Off Script

*Squawks at just about anything.... and to let us know that he is around.
*Says "Bye" as he is leaving a room.... EVERYONE must say it back {Sept. 2014}

*Trying to say 'my uncle John comes out  "Micheal John" {April 2013}
*me: "What does mommy say?" B: "love you!"
  me: "What does daddy say?" B: "Grrrrrr!" {April 2013}
*"What's your name Mom?" {June 2013}
*Trying to say uncle Rodney.... comes out "Knuckle Rodney" {June 2013}
*"WOMAN - Get me toast" {Feb. 2014}
*"Mom, where is my Bat Car?" {Oct. 2014}

*"Mom.... is Swim eating mush now?"{June 2013}
*"When I'm a professional golfer can I quit school? {June 2013}
*"I need another piece of pizza to warm me down." {June 2013}
*At a construction sight.... "Mom, see that guy right there.... I think the STOP sign fell down and he is holding it up"  {June 2013}

*"Mom, I have 1 million minions... and two rhinos." {June 2011}
*"Mom, if I give Tim my dinner can I have dessert?" {April 2013}
*"Don't tell mom when I do this.... someone might get hurt."{May 2013}
*"Mom, my pits smell like burnt hotdogs!" {June 2013}
* If I climb this mountain [it was a large rock] I only have a 20-80 percent chance of living" {June 2013}

*"Mom.... I don't want to be an adult.... I don't want to have to pay bills and have sex" {May 2013} {yes, we have started having the talk with James....} 
*"I was being Jared's ninja training partner and he kicked me in the stomach.... I think he dislocated my independex"

*Trying to figure out who I'm yelling at.... "Tommy... Tim.... Captain.... Benji! knock it off!!"
*"Are you bleeding? Are you broken? Are you dead? ....Then you're ok."
*"Your shorts are backwards and your shoes are on the wrong feet."
*"I really don't think Captain left the milk on the table."
*" Please stop coloring on you brother, the crayons are for paper only."

*Do you think I can find anyone around here that plays D&D??

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AB said...

Justin & I had so much fun reading all the funny things your kids have to say. What a great idea to keep it all in one place. I cannot wait to remind James on his wedding day of his fears of adulthood! :)

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