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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gaining Perspective

The husband was in the military for 6 years and while he was serving over seas or while he was away on training I got many comments from other women on how strong I was and that having their husband away was something that they could never do.

Now I'm on the other side of it all. Many of my friends have husbands who are deployed  now and I stand in awe of them.

I know that Heavenly Father stands with the military wife... strengthening her during deployments to handle the house, the children, the stress of day to day life.

I think in the military wife there is a switch that is turned off. It's the "missing you" switch. Not that they don't miss their husband, but there is not anything that can be done about it. The Army says go and you go. There are no questions.

Now I'm in the position of just a regular civilian wife, and when the husband goes it's a choice that he has. The "missing you" switch turns on and I becomes that girl. The one that can't stand her husband being gone for days at a time. I think I deal with it better because of my past experiences but still....

This really has been something new to me. And learning to deal with it has been weird. I never knew that I could miss the husband as much as I do when he is gone. {like I said... before it's a switch that is turned off}.

I just thought I would throw that out there. I guess I understand now when girls cry that their husbands are gone for a total of 48 hours. I still think it's silly, but I get it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer mom

{Tommy's personal cheering section}

So it's official.... I'm a soccer mom. Tommy needed something to do that was his own thing, so we signed him up for soccer. {and I signed up to be the soccer mom... because I have nothing else to do :) }

He is on the rookie league so he had 5 practices and 5 games and that's it. I think it works out really well for these little kids {4 and 5 year olds} All they want to do is kick the ball anyway.

Tommy is so funny! During his practice time he would cut in front of the kids in line that weren't paying attention and moving forward. I don't think most of the kids even noticed.... but the parents did.

Tommy actually looks like a soccer player and has a great time out on the field.
{he's number 10}

His first game came and we all dressed in light blue {that's his team color} and went to watch Tommy play. We got rained on.

The husband stayed in the car with Benjamin, and I took the other two out to the field to watch the game. By the time they were done it had let up and wasn't so bad. And Tommy had a great time!What kid doesnt like to play in the rain!
The favorite part of the game??? Snacks of course!

{what a difference a day makes... this is his next game. I think the kids had a funnier time in the rain, but as a spectatar... I enjoyed not getting dripped on.}

This might be the start of something great for Tommy.. he is really competitive and was right in the middle of it. He almost scored twice, but both times he kicked toward the goal he missed it... just barely.

I am really proud of him!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I have been a huge slacker with blogging lately!! And I have posts started but haven't finished any. All my time has been taken up by sleeping, homeschooling 3 active boys and loving on one tiny boy that likes to be awake at odd hours {hence the sleeping when I can} With that I am still trying to keep the house clean and the family fed.

I have been busy... I love it! But some there are some things that have to give. Blogging is one of them. I will be back up soon with normal posts soon.... as soon as the baby is on a normal sleeping schedule... and there will be more than random posts here and there.

I love you all and glad that you are still with me! I will {hopefully} be functioning  soon.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What to eat tonight??

I have a friend....Let's call her 'Jen'. We met while our husbands where in training in Monterey. We have been through everything together from that point on. Now while we were in Monterey I was NOT the Domestic Goddess that stand before you now. {Those that know me, I'll give you a moment to pick yourself off the floor from laughing} Anyway, while we were in Monterey I was still learning to cook.... Jen knew how to cook and enjoyed feeding people... at least that is what I told myself every Sunday as we walked to Jen's house for dinner.

Fast forward a couple years and the husbands are deployed and here is Jen and I alone. We lived about an hour apart but I could call her up and know that dinner would be ready for me if I needed to come over and veg on her couch. See... she really does love to feed people... any and all people.

Fast forward a couple more years and another dear friend.. we'll call her 'Brianna'... suggested that Jen start a food blog. Why... well because Jen likes to feed people, remember. I can say with 100% certainty that if you showed up at her door she would feed you... unless you are crazy.... nope, change my mind, she even feeds the crazy ones. {she took me in}

Fast forward a few days and at the suggestion of another friend.... hummmmm let call this one 'Emiliean'... {I really am just pulling these names from thin air. {actually thick air... the air feels thick here in Florida} Anyways... After careful consideration of names for the new blog "Better than my Mother's" was created.

Not only does Jen like to cook but she likes to make up her own recipes.Hey.... Hey...now before you get to thinking that this is another one of those fancy-smancy blogs that only uses expensive ingredients that you have never heard of, think again. Jen will be real with you. Right now her husband is deployed {again} and she is a "married-but-single-mom" of three boys. I tell you {because I can!} that she has her hands full and when the little people in the house are hungry then need to be fed pronto! The meals sound like they would take along time, but really it's all about getting it from stove to oven fast... but has the flavor and look to impress.

Is it all about dinners..... well... not all of it. There is a recipe for Peach Plum Pineapple Jam and she'll even show you how to use a zester {something I did for my very first time last week} So yes... a lot of cooking and a lot of learning. And I have a feeling that we will soon see some recipes fore bread, chilies, and stews. {it's getting cooler were she is}

While you are there take a look around and if you have any questions or have a suggestion or need to know what to do with all tomatoes you have just picked, email her and ask, she loves a good challenge!

So head on over to see what Jen is cooking tonight and just remember... When life gives you peaches... make Peach Barbque Sauce.

The Joys of Grandma and Grandpa

It was really nice to have my parents here after I had Benjamin! They flew in the Monday that I had him and after a visit at the hospital they were ready to jump into the craziness that is our home.

I would love to say that the weather was perfect... but it wasn't. It rained just about every afternoon that they were here. {And then took it home with them and had a flood in their basement!}

But the boys enjoyed having them here to play with. And I really liked having some quiet time every day to sleep.

Grandma and Grandpa took them to the Lighthouse which is always a fun, and to the beach. Both days getting home about a half hour before the rain started.

We also had a great time hanging around the house, and even Grandpa got into the fun of jumping on the trampoline with the boys. {notice that everything is better with water}

I was so thankful to have them come. I came home from the hospital thinking that it would be a breeze to jump back into life... boy was I wrong! I really couldn't have done it with out you!!!Thank you so much mom and dad for helping out!!!

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