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Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are proud to present.....

"Leah and the Traveling Circus!!!!" Coming to a town, city, and state near you! Many shows daily, admission is FREE!
We are about to embark on the biggest road trip this family has seen so far, and all you lucky people get to be a part of that. The start will be here at home way, way down in Southern Arizona, yup, right near Mexico. So that means we will be traveling through the whole state of Arizona before bunking down for the night at my (fabulous) Aunt's house in Nevada. Then it's on to Utah, for three weeks, of friends, family and fun. (you really don't want to miss this show) Then we go on the road to Colorado, Kansas, and then to Missouri. While there we'll be adding a new act for about a week, this is great one we like to call "Dad". Then we'll be winding down as we pass through Kansas (again), Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico before we are home again in Arizona. We will be making many stops along the way to take it all in. (or just to avoid any melt downs)

We have been planning and preparing for about a month now and are ready to hit the road.

*Luggage packed -CHECK-
*Car packed -CHECK-

*Garbage out -CHECK-
*Dishes done -CHECK-
*House clean -CHECK-
*Floor mopped -CHECK-
*Lists checked off -CHECK-
*Dog house ready -CHECK- (and for those who don't know, but want to, this one does fit 3 kids and a dog!)

(all three kids are in there, in the process of kicking Captain out)

*Car washed -CHECK-
*Maps in hand -CHECK-
*GPS set -CHECK-
*Snacks, games, and books -CHECK, CHECK, & CHECK-
*Three kids.......???? (looks like I need to check the list again)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Water, water every where

The boys had a water fight (and Tommy even got all wet) I think I got some really good pictures. I thought I would share with you all the fun that was had that day. Isn't it fun to watch how much great fun you can have with a cup and some water..

(Tommy was in his Super suit, until it was wet and I made him take it off because is was so wet, he promptly put it back on when he came in.)

Here Tim is just playing..... and then Tommy comes up from behind. I don't think Tim was expecting that.

Here we have "Pier Le Tommy" Believe it of not, he is getting cleaner, slowly but surely he is.
And now we have another installment of....
T.I.M.H. (Thoughts In My Head)
After Tim Russert died, I heard some one say some things. About what a great person he was and a great new person, "he always got right to the hard questions" they went on to say other things. It was then said " We are going to have a great night of laughing and fun, because that's what Tim would want." Well I was thinking does anyone, want people to be miserable after they die? Does anyone really know? Now think what do you want people to do when you go? Party? Mourn? Eat? Well after much thought and careful consideration this is want I want...
I want people to eat sushi, chocolate cupcakes, and Now and Laters. (No funeral potatoes, or casseroles please) I want people to dance the Macerena, and the Boot Scootin' Boogie. And every picture that is taken at the luncheon, I want everyone to have their finger in their nose. There you have it people. See I figure while you are all partying after I'm gone at least I'll get a good laugh.
(You are all thinking about how the dances go aren't you?)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Animals all day long

I took the boys to the Zoo today I went with a girlfriend and her son. It was a lot of fun to watch to boys see all the animals. James really wanted to see the giraffe, so we made our way there. And we got there right when they were feeding time. The boys really liked this. they gave each of the boys a giraffe bisect, Tim promptly begin to eat it. I tried to get him to give it to the giraffe, but hew wanted to eat it, so I took it away and fed the giraffe. Their tongue is so weird!!
The cool thing about the Tucson Zoo is that they are not over loaded with animals so each one has a great habitat and the animals are probably as close as you can get. The peacocks they let loose so they are just walking around. Of course Tommy wants to catch the birds so they all had quite a work out while we were at the zoo.
Here is the best picture I got of all 4 boys. What do you expect with 4 wiggly boys?!

Here we have James (trying really hard not to look to interested), Tommy (oh, I mean Superman), Gabe (he thinks he was born into the wrong family), and Tim )who is just happy he is out of the stroller)

One thing that was really cool was the polar bears. A group of kids got to go down and put jelly, and cream cheese all over there area. So we got to watch the bears eating all the stuff. it was kinda cool watching them. They are so big!! And when they stand up. Holy cow!!
Here is a picture I took of Tim while we were waiting for James and Tommy to go to the bathroom. I tell you this because Tommy did the funniest thing. So the boys went into the bathroom and because my kids love public bathrooms (what is that all about) Tommy decided that he needed to poop. Tommy has to strip down to do this. So we are waiting for Tommy, then all of a sudden I hear laughter from a bunch of other kids that are there as a field trip. I look over and see Tommy standing there confused that he couldn't see us from around the kids. There he is standing with his Superman shirt on holding his cape, one shoe, and his underwear. So there Tommy is standing half naked out in the open. I send Tommy over to Amy to have her help him get dressed while I find his shorts and other shoe. I go into the boys bathroom and Tommy's shorts were in the stall and the stall was locked. I had to have James crawl under to get the shorts and unlock the stall. By far that was the most interesting that has ever happen while I've been at the zoo!

Here are some other pictures that I took that day.
Tommy, James, and Gabe tormenting a bird.

They have a little water area for the kids to play in. James is the only one that thought this was a good idea.
Trying one more time to get a picture of all 4 boys. It was a fun day, and really pretty. It was hot but the shade was really nice and the breeze was perfect. All in all it was a great trip!

Here are happenings the past week...

I have this treadmill that I got for free. (Go Freecycle.com) and with Steve being gone I decided to use it. Awhile ago I saw one of the boys put something into my treadmill so I thought I would check to see before I got on it what all was in it. So here is the treadmill....
And here is what I found inside the treadmill....
So note to everyone, treadmills hold a lot of toys.

I have a couple friends and we send gifts back and forth to each other and to the kids. Well Emilian sent the boys paintable chalk. They had so much fun with it, so thanks Em!

So the paint was fun. Tim was stripped down and hosed off before coming into the house. We had fun and it was nice to leave the mess outside.

One of the parks we go to has a little water area. James had a great time.... Tim not so much, and Tommy not at all...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Goes On...

How often have we heard that? So today was the first official day that I have felt lonely. Even with three little tornadoes swirling around me. The hard thing with being alone is that even when you want to call someone you know you are cutting in on family time. So I put the boys to bed and got on some really comfortable jammies and settled in to watch the show I have been waiting for, Army Wives. Even though I'm technically a "civilian" now I will always be an army wife. I relate to the thoughts and feelings that are expressed. I relate to the characters and there lives. As I was watching it there were a lot of things that were said that really hit home. "The future doesn't stop" How often are we hit with something that is hard and all we want to do is hide, or find some way to make it go away? Be it changes at home, in a job, move, relationship... the list could go on and on. Do we really believe "that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger." I do. I have too. That's how I get from day to day. I look at the boys and see my future ready to take this world by storm, and full force, Superman cape and all.

"In times like this we question our own strength. Our ability to hang on and not crumble, it's one of the things I admire most about the army wives I've met. This capacity to press on through the obstacles, to see the mission through to completion." This was taken from the show, but this is what I feel. Being an army wife has taught me to look past my own life. Because someone is always in need of help. From the newly weds who are facing there first separation, to the women who has held strong and fast though more times apart than can be counted. Even now I know of people who need the help more than I do. I enjoy the feeling of helping others and it take my mind off my own troubles. If you ask me if I'm alright, "yes, of course." Truly only a few who know me the best will be able to know what I need next. These are the women I call my best friends. We have been through it all together. Births, deaths, miscarriages, deployments, moves, ect. When the first had a child go to his first day of kindergarten, although we were all in different states, all of us felt as though "our baby is growing up." There is something to be said about the bonds of friendship when you are in the military. You have no idea how long you are going to be in a place, so really you cut to the core of a person right away. There is no time for the "niceties" that people play. The bonds that are forged are hard and deep.

Sometimes I envy people whose husbands have "normal" jobs. Who come home every night, who are there for the events in life. But when I said 'yes' to Steve deep down I knew I was in for a ride. I only have a small idea of what my husband does at work. And the things that take him away for training are top secret, so basically I have no idea. The phrase "what did you do at work today" is not said, because he can't tell me. This is more than a business trip that some make. Not many business men carry guns and are in full body armor, they don't hear mortars going off at night. When he goes overseas he will be civilian wearing the uniform and will be my "soldier." Holding down the fort means to me (amongst other things) being brave and happy when you get to talk on the phone. The last thing he needs do to worry about me. And along with that comes all the fear, and anxiety of having him away. But also the feeling of being so proud to be a soldiers wife. And the satisfaction that I can do this. We have done this before, and though we both have had our trials we have come out better on the other side.

As for the "life goes on"... the sad and lonely days will come and go. Even in the scriptures it says "it has come to pass" NOT it has come to stay. So I'm going to go and kiss my sleeping babies, crawl into my bed and know that tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not much

So there is not a whole lot going on this week. I've been really busy this week with play groups and friends. I need to slow down a bit, and remember that it's summer and it's time to play. The boys have been having so much fun in the pool. And the funny thing is that a lot of times there is no water in it.

Here are just some other pictures I've taken over the past couple days.
Here is Superman working in the garden.

Here are some pictures of Tim. He really likes to be naked and now that it's summer time I don't mind, it's less laundry for me....

I really didn't' get any pictures of James this week. And the pictures that I did get he was dodging. So this is all he gets.

For all who want to know.... Steve is doing well in Kansas and learning a lot, and is enjoying what he is learning. He misses the boy (of course) but with the wonderful thing of technology we use the web cam a couple times a week. The boys get a kick out of seeing him on the computer and getting to use the head phones and mic.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a Week

So Steve has been gone almost a week. And we have been keeping busy. That's what I like, and I have been blessed with the best boys who let me drag them around with me. So we had a pretty mellow day Tuesday after we dropped Steve off since he had to be at the airport at 6:00am (so we had to leave the house at 5:00)

Then on Wednesday we went to the park to play. That afternoon I decided to go to Walmart and get a pool for the boys to play in. So I got the boys up from there naps, got dinner put in the oven (meat loaf) and went to the store. I figured this would be an in and out thing. Boy was I wrong!!! The pool was bigger than I thought it was. After I paid for it, I put the boys in car and drove around to the front where the pools were stacked up. I knew it was big, but I didn't realize how big. So after trying to smoosh it in the van I tried moving the boys so I could put the seat down and tried again to push it in the van. Finally a random man who on his way home from work stopped to help this crazy women with three kids and a big pool. If you are thinking why didn't you just call someone.... well remember this was going to be a quick trip. I left the phone on the counter or I would have called a friend with a truck. Anyways, this man suggested to put it on top of the car well great idea but I didn't have any thing to tie it down with and I wasn't going to park the car again, get all the boys out again, and deal with (now)5:00 pm shoppers at walmart. So this nice man went in to buy some rope. Well after about 30 minutes of trying to tie it down, we had it. That is until we pulled hard to tighten all the knots and the rope.. ok, string broke! so this man, who by this time I found out his name was Jim. Went back in to get some real rope to tie down this pool of ours. I'm sure that I looked ridiculas driving down the road at 10 mph (and I have no idea where my flashers are, I guess I"m going to have to study the manual) trying to get this pool home with out it blowing off the top of my car. Finally!!!!! we got it home!

So I get home (an hour later than I wanted) the boys are hungry and tired of being in the car and I bet that you all could guess that dinner was very burnt! So do you think it was worth it???
I do!!!!
Here are some more pool pictures over the past couple days.

Do you see that belly on Tim!! In the one he is playing in the puddle on the back porch, he likes his reflection. And in the other again playing with his reflection. He doesn't like to get in he just like to splash on the outside.

James had a great time in the pool and it was all I could do to get his bathing suit out fast enough for him to change into. (the other boy is Gabe, and he only like to sit on the steps)
This is the only picture over this past week I got of Tommy in the pool. He has had an ulterior identity for the past 5 days. Do you want to see what it is? Hang on while I have Tommy step into the phone booth....
This is day 2 of wearing his "Superman jammies" I was finally able to get them off of him to wash them, but then he put them right back on. He tells me all day that he is a "super hero!" And asking, "Do super heros watch movies?" "Do super heros like to eat lunch?"

Saturday we went to a little sports camp that I signed the boys up for. They learn baseball, soccer and basketball over 6 weeks. Tim just hung out in the stroller. (it's only an hour) James had a great time. He is a fast runner and did really good hitting the ball off the Tee. Super Man on the other hand enjoyed looking at the grass and picking me "flowers" (clovers). He had fun hitting the ball, but that was about all. Hopefully it will get better, but it gets us out of the house early on Saturday.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.... it was a normal Sunday, which involves the boys being up and the crack of dawn. Ok so more like 5:30.... we went down stairs to watch some church movies. Well the boys did while I tried to sleep a little longer. Tommy wanted to wear his Super Man Jammies to church, but we compromised on wardrobe after he spilt OJ on his jammie shorts. Keep in mind that we all pick our battles and this was one that I didn't feel like fighting.
So Church pants and Superman shirt (with cape mind you) and we left all happy and smiles.

Here is one last picture of James. Man he inherited my bad cheesy smile!!!
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