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Monday, February 17, 2014

The crazy that is here.

I often let the boys take pictures with my camera.

They have learned t be careful with it and to take care.... mostly.

And the pictures I get back are usually really funny.

 Tommy and his Pokemon binder.
 Tim..... This boy has great hair!
 Benji and his crazy hair. It is really sad to me that after we had to cut it because of the razor and scissor incident that his curls are gone. He's got a great wave in it but no curl.
I have no words.
Really.... no words.

I love these crazy kids that I have been blessed with.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My preciouse little girl

We found out Christmas day that we are welcoming a little girl to our mix of blue. I am so excited!

It will be different but I am looking forward to it.

This will be our last baby and I feel so blessed to end it with a little girl.

She already is s sweet. Benji will talk to her and she will kick at the sound of his voice.

When Swim is crying or on my lap she lays still and lets Swim and I move until he is comfortable. Even if it seems to be an awkward position. As soon as he is out of my arms she will kick and stretch out again.

When ever I sit and think I haven't felt her move in a while.... just being busy with others.... sometimes I'll start to worry.... I don't have to worry for long because she lets me know she is still here.

We don't have a name yet.... we are thinking traditional, not necessarily a Bible name like all of the boys, but some from the Bible are on the list. One thing we do know is that we want a girl name. When you read it, or say it, or see it any where we don't want anyone to wonder if its a girl or a boy on the other end.

It's finally starting to sink in that we are having a girl.... but it won't be real until I have her in my arms.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's gone

In our house when boys turn one they get a hair cut.

His hair was long!! {and it was matted and starting to be more like a rat's nest in the back so it needed to come off}
 It really was a lot!
And now they match!!

For the first few days Swim would sit and rub his head with his hands, or rub his head on the ground. It was funny watching him figure out this new feel of his.

It's a good thing that the boys have good shaped heads!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Where has the time gone??? I know I say that every time we have a birthday but really.... where does it go?

I can't believe that Swim is one. This time last year I was cuddling a little newborn, and now I am chasing a baby... pretty much toddler around the house.

He has become proficient at the stairs, so we took the gate off.

He has become a master finder of all things that the big boys can't find {and things he shouldn't have} pencils, marker lids, pennies.

He loves peanut butter and jelly, and scrambled eggs.

He is a great sleeper.... once he is asleep. {we are working on him getting to sleep in a timely manner}

He is a mama's boy, and while he will charm anyone, he loves to do it in my arms.

He loves to play with Benji, and doesn't mind when Benji plays with him... even with how ruff his brother is.

He is our light weight. While the other boys were pushing 30 pounds... or already over that, he is only about 25-26 pounds. Big for some... not for this family. Clothes actually fit him!

This little boys is so different from the others. I have had to learn to parent a different way with him. Things that worked with all the other boys have been completely thrown out the window. He has helped my patients grow, he has made me slow down what I am doing and really focus on the task at hand.

He is a joy to our family and I love that I get to be his mom!!

Happy Birthday little one!

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