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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back at the Beach

Where summer is coming to an end in other places and area start to get cooler, here in Florida we are just as hot. but the good part of summer winding down for many is that kids go back to school, so for us, that means a empty beach.

We had a great day at the beach a couple days after school started. We pulled into the parking lot to find it empty, and as we walked down to the beach it was deserted. It was wonderful!
At first the boys were disappointed that there wasn't anyone there to play with, but as soon as they realized that they had run of the beach they realized that it was heaven.
Tommy is telling me about a fish that he saw in the waves. "It was this long"
"It was this big"
"Actually.... It was thisss long."
Heading back out to the water.

They got done with riding the waves and came in to play in the sand.  The boys found this hole that was big enough for all them to play in.The tide came in and filled it up.
It soon became a jellyfish grave yard for all the dead jelly fish washing up on the shore.
The boys collected all that they found and {lucky} didn't get stung by any of them.
This is one thing that I really will miss about summer in Florida... The "copper tone" bum that seems to happen with the boys. They are all so tan, I wonder if they will be able to be as tan once we move... probably not.
As the boys were collecting dead jelly fish, Benji made himself comfortable in the jelly fish soup. Feeling around for all the squishy jelly fish that were to be found.
He would pull them out and show them to me. Luckily this one was already dead because Benji promptly ripped it in half and dropped one half and put the other in his mouth.
He fished out more and began to stack them one on top of the other. He was enjoying the jelly fish soup.
 It was cloudy, and the beach was empty, it was a great day, one that I will always remember.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boy, oh BOY

Well... here we go again...We are, in fact, having our FIFTH boy!!! We are very excited to have our newest addition join our family in January.

I really like this picture, not only does it look like an actual human, but it's the same profile as all of the other boys. Pretty much exactly! We have a couple names picked out that we do like, but we are going to wait until he is born to see what feels right.

Looks like I will be totally out numbered but I am excited to be raising the next generation of men.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Wheels

The other day Tim came to me to and asked me to take his training wheels off his bike. I'm not to good with tools and stuff... I mean I probably could figure it out but... well I have a great husband that doesn't need to figure it out because he just knows how.

Anyways.... he asked to have his training wheels off. So Steve took them off. He was getting ready to help Tim learn how to ride. Steve held the bike so Tim could get on and he was ready to run next to Tim to help him out but the next thing he knew Tim was peddling away before Steve had a chance to even move.

I tried to get some pictures of Tim riding his bike but as soon as he realized that he could do it by himself he was off with all the other boys.

He has spent the next couple days just riding and riding and enjoying the freedom that comes with two wheels. 
It was fun to see him just take off, and ride. I can't believe how big Tim is getting and how when he is ready to do something he just does it.

Did you notice the crown?? He is totally king of the road!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Movin' on up

Well many know, but some do not.... we are moving!

After planning a planning and preparing and even coordinating with a friend for the boys and I to say with here for two months in Colorado.... Things have changed.

What was once a perfect plan is no more.

But... we had faith that all would be as it needs to be, and Steve was offered a job in North Carolina in a great office, with the CEO of Upper Cervical Health Centers.

At first I was really upset about not going to Colorado, I really wanted to be close to family, and I really wanted to be back west. I desperately miss the mountains.

But after prayer and faith on my part I see the joy in moving to North Carolina. We will have mountains {although not the rockies} and we will be only 3 hours from the beach. It's not a quick jaunt like it is here, but we can plan day trips to go out that way. Charlotte is a beautiful area and they have seasons and even snow occasionally. It is very homeschool friendly and there are many groups around to join and be a part of. The office Steve will be working at is one that is State of the Art and is the hub of all things UCHC.

So from here is Florida we will be movin' on up North!

{Goodness I hope they are ready for us!}

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Terrific Two

 My baby is TWO!!!! I can't believe it. The time went by so fast. What a great kid I was blessed with. {I don't think I could have planned this picture better if I tried!!}
What a joy it has been to have Benji in our family. He has such a special relationship with each member of this family.

I tried and had high hopes of doing a cute photo session of Benji to celebrate.... and it might still happen, but he is a boy on a mission and being still is not something he is very good at.
Here he is looking for "izards" This is now a daily thing. We go out and look for lizards and look at the bikes, then he tries to get into the car and then runs across the street and down the road. At that point it is time to come in.
And there are the exceptions to everything... he will slow down and snuggle with his dad.

The cute things about Benji that I hope never change.
*The way he talks. I know this will change with time but I love the words he says
 dinosauras, {and that comes with a growl after each time he says it.} bodie-bird, airpanes-airplanes, petzal-pretzels.
*He prefers mom to put him to down for a nap, and dad to put him to bed for the night. He will settle for the other if the preferred is not around but he likes his routine.
*He loves to eat!! but if you put a little of everything on his tray he will put it all in his mouth and then spit it out. He likes to eat one thing at a time.
*He has ALWAYS hated baths! That has been really odd for me {don't most babies like baths?}... but he does like to be in the bath tub, only he likes the water on and going down the drain... not filling up the tub.
*If you sing the "Clean Up" song he will look around for something to pick up.
*He will come running in from where ever he is at if you start singing a church hymn, he comes in and sings right along with you.

Here's to many more great years with you Benji. I love you and so happy and lucky to be your mom!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What he knows

I have a really great kid.

Common sense, well... we are working on it.

But this kid has such a knowledge of the scriptures that just makes me so happy.

His understanding of what the prophets have written really astounds me.

He can pull things from the Book of Mormon that correlates with the Bible. He knows the stories, and has memorizes the verses.

His question tonight.... If it's written in the Book of Mormon, and in the Bible, why don't people believe the Book of Mormon?

His testimony of the scriptures is so deep, and unwavering. He has such a thirst to know the doctrine of the gospel, and to understand it.

I am here to learn from him.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Baby

{found the empty jam jar in the garbage, and helped himself to it}
Oh Benji, how I love you.

I love that James, Tommy, and Tim were born all close together, but having them so close I didn't get the chance to really enjoy them as babies. The three of them were in diapers together. It was almost like they were one. I was in the trenches of raising them that I missed many of the baby things that they did.

With Benji it has been so different, so fun and, and so eye opening as to what I missed with the other ones. Benji is about 4 years younger than Tim, so it was almost like starting over completely.

I love all the moments that I have had with Benji.

He is the toughest child I have had so far. He the cutest little monster. He will make huge messes in the pantry while singing "I am a Child of God". He shouts at every one "Choose the Right" while he hits someone or throws a car. He is tall enough unlock and open every door in the house. In church he is difficult to handle.

But he has a way to just melt my heart. He loves to snuggle with me in the morning and after his nap. When we go to the beach and the waves are coming he will grab my leg and say "got you". He holds my hand and we go and search for "izards". He loves dinosaurs and will growl every time he sees one. I love how enthusiastic he is as we find them. His blue eyes just get to me. I love kissing his cheeks and all his cute chubbiness. And hearing "I, you" after I tell him, "I love you."

I love that I can enjoy this time with him.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Offcial Beach Olympics

This past week in honor of this grand Olympic time of year we celebrated with friends and held our own Olympics on the beach. the kids participated in many of the same events that the are held at the Olympics, but there are some that are different... better.

 We had relay races.
 There was soccer.... I don't think Benji understood the rules.... but he plays by his own rules anyway.
 Everyone had a practice kick, and then it was a go.
 We had javelin throwing.
 Cute boy looking.
 And long jumping.
 There was a potato sack race, which I totally think should be in the Olympics every 4 years! This is a serious sport!
 James is getting his game face on for the hurdles.

 Tommy jumping hurdles in his own style.
 And James giving it a try. He cleared every herdle
And here we have the team photo. We had such a great time. All the kids came away as winners and beisdes all the fun that was had we learned that you really do need to train for your events.... and that chocolate does not do well in the Florida heat.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Knocked out by a Hose

Tim had a loose tooth. He worked at it and worked at it but it was just hanging on and not wanting to come out.

He went outside with Tommy and they were playing... I'm not sure at what, but the next thing I see is Tim bringing me his tooth. I was so excited for him!!! {It was the first one} I asked him if he pulled it himself, and he said "No, Tommy threw the hose at me and knocked it out" So I guess you can that can be added to the ways teeth can come out.

Being the stellar mom I was when I was first pregnant I forgot about the tooth fairy. Oh, that boy was so sad to wake up to nothing but a tooth under his pillow. So while he was out playing the tooth fairy did make an appearance and left more than the average 25 cents that is usually found.

Then about 3 weeks later there was another wiggly tooth. Tim was sure to stay away from any hoses... and pretty much anything in throwing rang of Tommy. It came out and this time the tooth fairy came and preformed her job duties on time.

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