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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Benjamin

I am here to introduce you to our new addition.
This is Benjamin.

He was born August 9 {8-9-10...cool huh}by C-section. I went to the hospital at 6:00am Monday morning. It was really weird being at the hospital when nobody else was there. I got checked in and ready to go. It took 2 hours to prep me! I had to have a C-section because in Florida they don't do VBAC's, which I was sad about but what can you do?

{the last day of being pregnant. It was kind of bitter-sweet.}

So there I am on the table ready to go at 8:00 and by 8:20 he was here. He was 8 pounds 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. A pretty good size

{There are no pictures of him for a couple hours after he was born, I really wanted to enjoy those first few moments with him with out having to pose for the camera. I wanted to totally be in the moment with him and, sorry, I want those memories to be mine.}

The hard thing with having a C-section is that it's at least a 1/2 hour or more before you can really hold your baby, but I had the husband bring him to me as soon as he could. Which in the process he set the alarm off. {You know... the alarm that says someone is stealing a baby.}

In the early afternoon my {saintly} friend, who had watched the boys all day brought them up to the hospital to see their new brother. They were all enthralled.... for about 10 minutes, then they were more excited that the windows were so big, that there were so many buttons, that I was hooked up to many things, and what were they all for, why did Benjamin just cry, how exactly did the baby come out, and if they could see my 'owie'. And then the husband walked after being stuck in the elevator for 20 minutes. {he had gone out for lunch and was trying to get back} So with dad in the room all the boys got to hold their new brother.

{Benjamin has this pirate thing going on... he likes to peek out of just one eye}

I was in the hospital for 3 days and it was mostly quiet, which was nice. Once when I was feeding Benjamin he kicked his alarm thing loose... so that would be the second time that we set the alarm off. And he did it a third time as one of the nurses were bringing him to me. I'm sure they were all happy to see us leave.

My parents had come from Utah to help out with the boys. What a wonderful blessing!! I really was ready to jump back into life but I needed more help than I thought, and having Grandma and Grandpa ready to take the other boys out so I could sleep was so nice

{Here are Grandma and Grandpa with the crazies}

{Awake for about 20 minutes :) }

{I love this picture with Benjamin looking up at Tim. Tim is so in love with his little brother.}

{James is a such a big help! He will feed Benjamin {has tried to make bottles} will pick him up if he needs it and is really soft and careful with him.}

Tommy likes to feed Benjamin, but not hold him. Tommy is always ready to give him a kiss and wants to know how he is doing. The one time that Tommy was holding him, Benjamin was crying and here is Tommy..."Mom.. put that THING in his mouth and make him stop crying"

Here are some pictures that I took {and I'm really proud of them}

look at those cheeks!!! I just want o smoosh them all day long!

I forgot how much I love this! It took some getting use to again... the whole nightly feedings, and diaper changing, but I love it! I'm so in love with this boy!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'll be back soon....

I'm taking a little longer break from bloging.... maybe another week or so. I'm just enjoying the time with our new little one. It's amazing how fast they grow... already and I just want to soak up the quiet moments with him. Check back next week and I'll tell you all about Benjamin. {I know you are all waiting to see pictures, and there will be plenty to share}

In the mean time if you need a good read... or just want to know the difference in training between a Medical doctor and Chiroprator, take a look at the husbands blog. I think you will be surprised to know that Chiropractors have just as much, if not more hours in the classroom than traditional doctors. "This is in no way an attempt to attack or discredit the medical profession but only a way for those of you who are skeptical or who think chiropractic is a sham to put a perspective into your opinion"

Until then, have a great week and be ready next week for some serious cuteness!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Mom, my teeth are wet!!"

{Originally posted January 4, 2008}

We were getting ready to leave to run some errands and so I had James go potty while I put the other two boys in the car. All of a sudden hear "Mom! My teeth are wet!" I'm gathering everything up and trying to get us all out of the house so I'm just yelling back as I'm doing my thing. This is our conversation....

Me: "What teeth James?"
James: "MY teeth" (like I should know...) "They are wet!!!"
Me: "How did they get wet?"
James: "They fell in the water!" (everything is said with such exasperation)
Me: "James, what are you talking about?!"


James: "My teeth..... they fell in the water. But don't worry mom I got them out!"

At this point I run into the bathroom to (finally) see what is going on and James is standing with his pants around his ankles and the 'wet teeth' on the floor. Theses are the teeth....
And I have to say that at least James had enough sense to pull them out of the toilet before flushing it. Trying to explain that my sons teeth are in the toilet to a plumber would have been really funny.

*disclaimer.... ironically these pictures were taken before because I was going to post something different about these teeth but this was a much funnier story*
(Thank you to the Taylor's for the teeth)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{Dirty Little Secret}

{Originaly posted August 28, 2008}

So, the husband has been in Afghanistan for almost a month, and well I couldn't wait. I'm letting you all know now so if you happen to pop in you won't be surprised. I'm having an affair. There I said it! Now you all know "my dirty little secret". And... well.... I'm sure many of you know these two, yes I said two..{wonderful} men as well.... Don't deny it, you know it's true. Let me introduce you to BEN & JERRY. So after I put the boys to bed I settle down into the couch and watch my TV shows or turn a movie on, and bring on the Ben & Jerry's. And boy - oh boy, they have been wonderful!

"Americone Dream"

'Imagine Whirled Peace" {two very appropriately named ice cream while the husband is over seas}
And who is the genius behind this??!! These smaller serving sizes are perfect!! And when all the dishes are dirty, they even come with there own little spoon.
I'm sure Ben & Jerry have made the rounds with the women... and they have won my heart. Sorry Sweetheart, I found a love while you are gone.

{Edited....The husband is now at home and safe. Ben and Jerry still frequent the house, just not as often. }

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, Tommy

{Oringally posted January 8, 2008}

And I thought I had nothing to blog about.... Then there was Tommy.

So the other night Steve and I were watching a movie ("Blood and Chocolate", it's about warewolves and I don't know if I like it. It's jut a different kind of movie, but it's definitely a B-list movie) anyways... We are about mid way through and Tommy comes down stairs. "Mom" he says... "My blanket is dirty" Ok, well I'm to tired right now so I let Steve take care of this. They go back upstairs to asses what has happened and I hear Steve ask Tommy what the mess was. Tommy answers "it's soap," then from Steve "Tommy it's everywhere!" Now I know there is not that much soap upstairs and I do that on purpose. I only keep a little in the pump and fill as needed for this exact reason. So I go upstairs, Tommy is still saying it's soap but it wasn't.... It was lotion! And it was indeed EVERYWHERE! All over Tommy's bed, on the floor, all over the bathroom and all over Tommy, who among other places lotioned his hair.
He tried to clean it up using the flushable wipes, and I'm assuming his blanket because he blanket was really wet with the stuff. The lotion bottle was on the dresser and I was confused as to how Tommy got it down, until I saw the stool next to the dresser. I guess he was board at 9:00pm, and since his brothers were sleeping I guess he thought he would entertain himself.

Steve asked Tommy why he was playing with the lotion, and Tommy says, "I don't know.... I so sorry Daddy" (it was really cute)

So with clean sheets, the carpet as clean as we could get it... a hug and a kiss we sent Tommy back to bed knowing the lotion would no longer be a problem because there wasn't anymore.

Oh, Tommy, we love you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes you have to laugh

{Orignally posted March 4, 2008}

I get the feeling sometimes that the Lord really does get a kick out of watching parents of children. Today all I could do was laugh. Tim once again got into the garbage. I thought it was going to be one of "those" days. But it got better. Look at the pictures to see what I get to laugh at everyday!

So Tim got the frosting out of the garbage! (and I have to be thankful that it was frosting and not anything else) but I didn't think it was so bad until he looked up at me.
Here is a close-up of this face!
I mean really... what are you suppose to do with this? So I just took some pictures and laughed as I cleaned him up.

And then there is James.... He LOVES instruments. He got a trumpet for Christmas that he loves to play songs on. And it is my "very important job" to sit and listen to him play songs.

And when we don't have the "right" instruments he uses what ever he can find. Here we have James singing "Scripture Power" playing the newspaper.

These next pictures are of James and Tommy being ghosts.

Did you notice the the ghost of Tommy has no pants? Sense he has been potty trained (a whole week now)when ever we are at home he takes his pants off and no one can find them. I guess I have to be happy that he at least keeps them on while we are out.

I love my boys, they make me laugh and cry, and I love them so much. Some days are "those" days and boy it would be nice to lock myself in my room and just sit, but those are the days that I get to listen to a pre-schooler play me a newspaper, and see for the first time a green-two headed- no pants ghosts lurking around my house, and a baby that sees no problem with eating frosting from the garbage.

I leave you with this next picture of Tommy, who really fell asleep like this. Have a happy day and watch out for those ghosts.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Round 1....

{Originally posted Febuary 24, 2008}

In this corner we have Tim "The Tank" Grammer.... weighing in at a whopping 29 pounds!!! Known for taking on anything in his path (especially if he has his safety goggles on)

And in this corner we have... The Coffee Table! Coming in at about 35 pounds. Known to be a very rectangular guy...

There goes Tim he's weaving back and forth, the Coffee Table doesn't to be moving much but you never know with that kind of fighter. Look, Tim's on top it's looking like it's going to be a quick pin. OH NO!!!! Tim seems to be loosing his edge! No, no that's not it at all.... Looks like Tim caught the edge of the table. And the Coffee Table wins again.

Check back soon to see Tim "The Tank" take on the folding chair

And the bookcase, tag teaming with the plastic tote!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the mean time...

Hopefully I am having a baby soon.... hopefully... Well I know I am because Monday I will be having a C-section.

I'll keep you all posted with baby pictures of our new little one, but in the mean time I thought I would entertain you with previously posted posts from the past. {say that three times fast... go ahead and try}

So you can check back each day... or every other... or when ever... I'm not picky... to see what has happen in our past. And I would come back more times than not.... you never know when there will be pictures of Benjamin. {I'm just saying}

So starting Saturday You'll get a peek into our past. Enjoy the time while I am pre-occupied for a little bit.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The husband went to New Zealand on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He served for 2 years and learned many cultural things. One of which is how to eat a kiwi. Basically you bit off the top and suck out the inside.

He has taught the boys how to do this. They can't quite bite the top off so I cut it but then they can go at it.

I was actually really surprised when Tommy did this the first time but he figured it out.

Tim did really well too. I think I forgot to mention that after he sucked out the inside the peel is usually thrown away. Tim decided to eat it.

What ever works I guess...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

FREE....{to a good home}

We are needing more room, and the easiest way to do that is to get rid of things. This is a table that we have had for many years. We actually got it for free from a yard sale in Monterey when we were there. It's kindergarten art table that we have used for everything! It has been propped up and used as a dinner table, it's been used as a sewing/craft table, an art table, and a platform to jump off from for the Superman phase that the boys have gone through. This table has been to 4 states and 5 moves. Yeah I'm kinda attached.

But all good things must come to an end. We need the room that this big boy is taking up for the new addition {that is coming in a week!!} so it needs to go.

As we were taking the table out to the curb I was thinking about the other things that I hold on to that need to go to make room for better things. Am I holding onto a TV show when it's really not that uplifting... especially when there are many other things I can be doing that are much better. Am I holding on to a cute pair of pants that I know I will never fit into again... making me think about my thinner years instead of focusing on the here and now.

Our lives often filled with so many unnecessary things and then rather than letting go we hang on to them and then they start to take up room and clutter things. So as the better things come along we don't have room for them.

So this last week before Benjamin is born I'm trying to do a quick clean up not of the house but of myself. {I'm not sure how much time I'll have after the baby comes home} I know that at least with myself it will take more than a week to clean up and remove any extras that I have, but at least I'm starting.

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