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Cast of Characters

We have a full cast here.... they rarely stick to the script that is given to them.

A lot of adlib-ing is done here and rarely on cue. We do what we can to handle the chaos of our day to day life.

Me... Leah.... I am a real live person, even though there are not many pictures of me. I'm trying to get into the pictures more. I have 5 boys that drive me mostly crazy, but they love me and that's what it's all about.

Here is Steve, the husband and dad. He likes to think he is in charge but #4 seems to put him in his place with his cuteness. He is my hero as he has served our country, and he likes to dream big. After a quick jaunt around the US he has decided to settle us in Utah and open a Chiropractic Clinic.

Here is Tommy our #2, he has a quick sense of humor and too smart for his britches. He is sneaky and you have to watch out or you may be and unsuspecting participant to his scheming.
This is Benji, the #4 I was talking about. He will help brother remember to chose the right by hitting them to get their attention. He walks around growling at people like a dinosaur, and then flashes a smile and asks for a hug or to "hold you".
Our newest addition #5 is Swim. He is such a mellow baby and a 'go-with-the-flow' type. He loves to squirm and kick, if he could balance he would be running! He also loves to talk... he's got to start early to be heard above so many people.
James is our #1. He is tall for his age and loves all things nature. He can remember all sorts of random facts but can't usually remember where he put his shoes. He has the coolest eyes that are two different colors. He likes to use big words but doesn't usually use them right.
Our #3 is Tim, and he truly is the sweetest kid.... when he is not trying to get people in trouble. He loves to cuddle, and his favorite word is Poop. He is able to win people over with his eyes and cute personality. One time he walked over to a birthday party and came back with a goodie bag and piece of cake... just by flashing those baby blues.
And who could forget our Captain.... he has been with us from the beginning. He is over 10 years old and has traveled around with us on all of our escapades. He is currently loosing his hearing... or it's very selective hearing... either way we are having to keep more of an eye on him.

So there is the cast. Currently we are full and we are not auditioning for any extras if room opens or we have a need I'll let you know.

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