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Monday, July 26, 2010

This is new...

So I'm in Florida.... And it's hot and humid. Apperently this is what happens to me in a hot, humid place...

My feet in the morning....

My feet at night!

My feet have never swollen before.... I don't like it. The other thing that is driving my crazy is that this boy is up so high, my ribs are spreading!!! And they hurt. TWO weeks left!!! Do you hear me??? TWO weeks. I can do this for two more weeks.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Upper Cervical Care and Kids

The husband has posted again on his blog Atlas Un-Shrugged, and you should go peek and check it out.

The first one is how early can you get your kids adjusted? With Upper Cervical Chiropractic you can do it right away. the husband does a great job explaining all of this. There is trauma that comes along with the birthing process, and even with C-sections. The wonderful thing with Upper Cervical is that it's not the twisting and popping that is usually associated with Chiropractic care. If nothing else, go and watch the video he has posted, it will really bring tears to your eyes. Are you wondering how early we are going to have Benjamin checked??? The husband will be able to check him at birth to see if he needs to be seen right away, and then we will be taking him to a Doctor within the first month to have him check for any subluxations.

The next article that he has posted is about colic, constipation and sleep deprivation in infants. How many of us moms have NEVER dealt with any of these??? {if you didn't raise your hand consider yourself very lucky and know that many of us envy you :) } This article is about a mother who brought her infant son to be seen by her Upper Cervical Chiropractor. This poor baby wasn't burping after eating and was very constipated. Right after being adjusted the baby burped and then pooped.

Now you may be wondering if you can actually see changes that fast. I can say a big YES! About 3 weeks ago we went and had James adjusted by a doctor that the husband was shadowing. James was having anxiety and panic attacks, he was also having a hard time concentrating on things.Now the curve in your neck is suppose to be at 45 degrees.... James' curve was at 22 degrees!!!!! To say he was a little off is an understatement. Later that night I had him helping me with stuff and something that he would have made a mess doing, he was able to focus on task at hand, and no mess. There have been no panic attacks or anxiety since.

Another quick story as to proof of the Upper Cervical Care.... A friend of mine. One of my best friends... we plan on getting together even though we are across the country from each other... {I just wanted to point that out... it's not someone I only kinda know, Em is pretty much family} Anyway, her second son has Autism. With in 20 minutes of her son being adjusted he was able to talk without stuttering, and was able to communicate his wants and needs, where as before there were only tears.

As moms we all want the best for our kids, and sometimes the best for our kids may be the non-traditional medicine. There are so many options out there that it's worth looking at something that might not be the norm... and in my opinion especially if it keeps kids off of the medications that their young bodies can't handle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Benjamin

My dear Benjamin,

I am patiently waiting for your arrival. And although I normally don't bond with my babies until they are here, you my son, have been different. I feel like I am getting to know you and loving the moments that I get to spend watching my belly move all over.

I look forward to meeting in person in a few short weeks. To hug and kiss your small hands and feet. I know it will be a lot to take on but we are going to get through it, and you have raging fans to back you up. I love you my dear little one. And even though you are a tad behind your brothers you are very much wanted and already a part of our family. We pray for your safe arrival daily.

You get to come into an amazing family... if I do say so myself.... Your dad is in Chiropractic school and will be finishing up his first year not long after you are born. He is a great man! You will like him, and unlike your brothers, he will be around to watch you grow up. {he was deployed a couple times in the years prior to school}Your dad knows a lot and will be able to answer the tougher questions you have in life. Like "why is it bad to jump on the trampoline with sparklers," and "why am I not allowed to leave the house by myself?" He is ready and waiting for those, and having lots of practice with your brothers.

You are so lucky to have three older brothers that are paving the way for you. They were all so close {less than 3 years between them all} but they are all so excited for you to come. {it's a good thing you are a boy, because had you been a girl Tim would have wanted you to sleep in the pantry} They are getting ready to have you around and play with them. I don't think that they understand that it will be a while before you can play, but hey.... let them dream.

James already is trying hard to be a good big brother. You will be ale to look up to him and learn from him. He is very kind and very sensitive. He will be the one you can lean on, and know he will always be there.

If you want to learn to be sneaky, Tommy is your guy. That boy has a way of getting what he wants. Keep close hold of you pennies though, he is out to get them. Tommy is also a good one to have in your corner. He is all about family, and is learning the fine art of sticking up for your brothers. He has a great sense of humor and will be the one to make you laugh.

Tim... ah Tim. He has been waiting for his own little buddy. Even though there is a 4 year difference between you two, I think you and he will be really close. He talks about you like you are here, and all the things you will do with him. {I hope you like trains... he is wanting you to play with him}

Now as the time gets closer to your arrival I have a few.... small.... requests. Like I said, I love feeling you move, but can you please live my ribs out of it. You have the wonderful talent of hitting the same spot all the time! And I know you are starting to feel squished but does that really mean that you need to stretch out when I'm in the grocery store when I have a full bladder?{ I have manage to make it to the bathroom in time, thank heavens, but a little help from you would be nice} And now we come to a little issue of sleeping.... I like to sleep... preferably from about 10:30 to 6:30. I do realize that I will have the need to wake and pee, but I'm use to that now. My problem is in the fact that I like to sleep on my left side.... and for what ever reason you hate when I do that. You have managed to wake me from a dead sleep with your kicking. For the love of everything that is good, please stop. You have all day to kick and squirm. Along with that.... you know having all day to move... the boys wait ever so patiently to feel you kick but alas, it is only after they go to bed that you feel the need to impress me with your acrobatic skills. They would really like to see it you know.

All my love!!! Mom

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yes... we watch TV..

We don't watch a lot of TV. {actually I'm saving "TV time" for after Benjamin is born, and I need to sleep} But when the husband sits down to watch TV the boys usually sit with him. What's on the agenda today??

The New Yankee Workshop. Today Norm Abram was teaching us how to build a roller desk.

The boys are now asking for power tools.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So after my friend Jen posted about making laundry detergent we have been thinking about doing that to save some money. Who knew that it was so easy!!! Really!!! A little this and some of that and wholla, there you have it. Jen posted directions over at her place, but I'll post what we did here.

One bar of soap. We used plain Ivory.
1-3/4 cup of Borax {found at Target in the laundry section}
1- 3/4 cup of Washing soda {we finally found this at Publix. Again in the laundry area}

Grate, chop or food process the soap and put into a pot with about 4-6 cups of water, and melt over medium heat.

While that is going fill a 5 gallon bucket with hot water {just tap water} about half way full. After the soap is melted add to the bucket of water. Mix it in. then add the Borax and washing soda. {NOTE... it HAS to say 'Washing Soda'} Mix all together.

Put lid on and let sit over night. The next day open up. You'll find that it has separated and it will be really gloppy. Just mix it together again. Then you can put it in a container. {I just washed out a laundry bottle that I had used up} You only need about a 1/4 of a cup per load. It does a great job!! All the clothes come out really clean and smell fresh. There are many other recipes out there this is our version.

Along with laundry detergent we also made liquid soap. Again SOOO easy!!!

2 bars of soap. {again we used Ivory... Ivory with aloe}

Chop, grate, or food process the soap, and mix it with 4 cups of water. Melt on medium heat, if it bubble just set it off to the side until the bubble subside. Fill a 3 gallon bucket half way with water. After the soap mixture is melted add to the bucket of water.

 Again, let sit over night and it will thicken up. We are using this for hand as well as body soap. {it's just an Ivory soap} We put it in pumps for the boys, and I'm going to try to get to see how id does in a foam pump.

The 2 buckets together with lids was $13. {which we can use over and over again}
All ingredients for soap and detergent... under $10. We have enough ingredients for 4 more batches of laundry soap {5 gallons each batch!} and 8 more batches of liquid soap.

{thanks Jen for the idea :)}

Monday, July 12, 2010

It seemed like a good idea....

It really did.... at the time. But it ended in  a big mess. I really didn't think that it would explode. But then I'm not the type of person to put a can of soda in the freezer either.
{this is after I cleaned up the mess in the freezer}

They tasted great. Orange soda makes a really good popsicle, but a big mess. Note to self.... and others, next time only fill half full.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boys and Fire

What is it with boys and fire? The shiny light at the end of a stick... the heat that comes from it? And the husband would like to know whos bright idea it was give children hot burning phosphorus and let them swing it around. Regardless we do it every year and for us anyway.... so far so good....
Tim wasn't really sure what to do with it at first.  And he wasn't really that into it.

James liked to conduct the orchestra in his head.... what's playing today?? The "Star-Spangled Banner"

Every family has one.... her is ours... Tommy is our pyro. He was so fascinated about lighting the box on fire than he was about actually have a fun sparkler. After the box... then the grass, and then the ant hill. Other than the ants and the box there were no other casualties... thank goodness.

The husband had a great time throwing the snaps.... to see if he could get them to snap on the boys' head. Tommy and James were not amused... Tim however was. Unfortunately he couldn't throw them hard enough back. next best option.... dump them out and jumped on them.

Yeah for snaps and fire sticks.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I get to do this again...

I was watching Tim today plant an avocado seed in the back yard.  He was taking great care to plant it carefully. Then he watered it and picked some grass to add some compost to where the seed was laying. It really made me smile as I watched this boy delight in planting a seed, and having the faith that it will grow.... {in 3 weeks... that's the time that Tim said that we would get to have are own avocados}

In 5 weeks, I get to do this again. And I'm kinda scared... new baby and all, and he being our fourth... will I ever have enough hands? But I'm so excited that I get to watch a new little one plant a seed.

I am so excited for the chance I get to watch a little one learn to crawl and then walk. I get to watch him grow and play and I look forward to those sticky kisses.

James is getting to be a great help and it's so nice that he is able to do so much. Tommy is great and his sense of humor keeps me smiling. Tim is always ready to run up and give me hugs and kisses.... but alas... all the boys are getting older.... and just aren't that baby cute any more. {and Tim reminds me daily that he is a big boy}

I am excited to have the opportunity to get have another little one.

{please remind me of all of this when I start crying and rocking myself in the corner from the lack of sleep}

Don't tell the Husband...

Game Swap Button

Ok, I just got done doing a swap with Mamrazzi.... and these swaps are so fun!! Have you ever done one??? No!! Well get on board! What is better than getting something in the mail that you didn't order?!!! I love getting the surprises in the mail. It's a lot of fun.

Mamarazzi hosts a couple of swaps a year and this one is a game swap. How fun is that!! So go over and sign up. Maybe you'll be my swap partner and you can get a box of goodies from me.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Let us Live to Make Men Free"

I L-O-V-E the 4th of July!!! It ranks in my top favorite holidays. I love that I live in a free land and that so many fought and died for me. I love that the Founding Fathers fought so hard in committee's to write the constitution to get it just right. So that it would benefit everyone, and give this new country just what it needed to succeed.  

Today we sang the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and the third verse really gets to me... "As He died to make men Holy, Let us live to make men free"  What are YOU doing to keep our land free??

Many years ago, poor men rose up to fight for something that they wanted more than anything. They wanted to be free to choose their own will. They weren't force too, they just did. They stood ready to live... or to die for something that they believed in

Right now I have friends that are serving in the military. And whether you agree with the war or not these men and women are doing their duty, they are keeping our land free. They are standing guard over our country. They have chosen to volunteer to serve, and because of that they have chosen to be away from their family for over a year. Leaving spouses, and children at home to keep all men safe. 

This sounds like another man I know. My Savior. He chose to give his life so all men could be free. Free to choose good or evil, free to do as they want, with the promise that if we follow Him, we can return home to our Father in Heaven.

We are given so much!!! And this land that we live in is the promised land. His hand has been in everything that has been done. Leading many people here, helping the Founding Fathers form this country, being there and ready to answer a young boy's prayer about the truth. Joseph Smith was able to go into the grove and pray because he was in a country that allowed freedom of religion.

I love seeing the fireworks and knowing that they are for our delightment. Many years ago the fireworks that were seen in the sky ment that war was on the horizon, and it was only a matter of time before they came closer to their home.

The Star Spangled Banner. Do you remember to stand??? Do you remember to put take your hat off? or to put your hand on you heart? {do you know where Francis Scot Key what when he wrote the poem that later became our National Anthem?}

I love this country, I love what it stands for, I love the colors that I see flying, I am so proud of my husband who has served our country, and I'm proud of those that are serving. And I feel so blessed to be able to call the United States of America my "Home Sweet Home"

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Apple or Orange??

I tried telling him that it was an orange that he was eating. He wouldn't hear about it... there was no changing his mind on how h wanted to eat it.... It was messy but it got the job done!

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