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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year in review

We had pictures.... and the disk in the camera crapped out.

I had intentions of Christmas cards... but never got around to it.

We had a busy year and I wanted to tell all about everything and then time just got the better of me.

Thank heavens for a blog... and facebook... and email.... now I can get you all caught up at once.

Our family's 2013 top 10!!

1- Swim was born!!! January gave us the best gift and our 5th little boy was born.

2- We moved cross country from North Carolina to Utah. It was quick and unexpected but we made it all in one piece and a moving truck and trailer.

3- Steve opened his own practice, and while it has been slow starting, it's starting to pick up.

4- The 3 older boys went to school this year. It was a weird transition, but they are doing well and excelling at most things.

5- I have had to redefine myself from a homeschooling mom to a mom that sends kids to school. It has been weird for me to and have found myself board on some days, but I am ejoying the time with Swim and Benji.

6- Having the boys in school was actually a really good thing at the beginning of the school year as I found out that we are expecting again. It was nice to send them out the door before I started feeling sick for the day.

7- We still have Captain. He's going deaf... or has very selective hearing.

8- We all have enjoyed being back in Utah but as winter set in we soon realized that we were not prepared for snow or cold. You actually need shoes and socks here!

9-Swim started walking at 9 months. Benji is potty trained. Tim was able to take some golf lessons. Tommy has found a love for Minecraft. And James turned 10!!!

10- We found out it's a GIRL!!!

Here's to a productive, healthy, safe and happy New Year.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

And the last Child is.....

A GIRL!!!!!

I didn't think I would ever have a girl!!

I was convinced that this little one was a boy.

I was sure we would end our babies with a last round of blue and was happy for that.

But low and behold.... it is a little girl!!

I really can't believe it. And I think it will be hard to be really sure until I have her in my arms.

April can't come soon enough but I know that if think about it long enough it will be here in no time.

A GIRL!!!! can you believe it!!??

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick Christmas Re-cap

I seriously don't know where the time has gone!!! I blink and it's Christmas. I turn around and we are in the middle of the summer. When will it all stop?? {or slow down at least}

Christmas was small and perfect. There were a few gifts for each boy and they have all seemed to enoy what they got.

For the first time with all the boys we went to Temple Square. It was nice. There weren't as many lights as I remember but it was fun to be there again. And it was fun to take the boys as they have never been before. {and we didn't loose anyone in the crowd!}

This was the best picture that we could get with the boys.... Benji was more interested in the sign that says "Do Not Touch" than taking a picture.... figures}
And I thought this was a god on of Swim and I. So often I am not in the pictures as I am the one who carries the camera and demands... encourages everyone to look at me.

Then on Christmas Eve we decorate the gingerbread house. This year I was ambitious enough to make it and it actually turned out!! {I did buy a back up from Target just in case....}

I am in charge of the frosting and the boys tell me where they want it. Their vision is usually different than mine.

We have the family f bears bringing the tree home....
And what I can only assume is the carnage left over from the battle of the Bears vs. the Snowmen.
We decorate it Christmas Eve and then they are allowed to eat it Christmas morning. It was pretty picked over by the end of the day.

After the boys were in bed and instructed not to leave the bedrooms until we came to get them, they were tucked in for the night... and surprisingly stayed there!!

Our plan was to wake them after Swim woke up... which of course was the day that he slept in. The boys were awake at about 7:00 and we could hear the giggling, so we left Swim to sleep and let the boys enjoy the morning.

Benji got a giant dinosaur which is almost as tall as he is.
 Tommy got a breif case..... this was on his list and it was something he really wanted.... not sure why but he was so happy to have it.
James got a Kindle and was so happy! There were things that were already installed so he was able to play a few games and read books.
Tim got a Pogo Stick and a Perplexes ball {a maze inside of a ball}
 Benji also got a space helmet and now he can "blast off!!"
{there's that Perplexes}
And Swim got a little stackable toy.... I think he appreciated the effort....

But in the end.....
he was happy with the paper towel tube.

It was a quiet Christmas and it was nice to enjoy the time with the boys without worrying about going anywhere or cleaning or anything.

And to top it off it was a white Christmas!! So it made for a very "Norman Rockwell" type of day.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Whole Decade!

I can't believe it!!!

Look at this boy. He is 10!

10 years old!!

Where did the time go?? It really doesn't seem that long ago that he was placed in my arms and was looking up at me with his big eyes. At that moment I became a mom. I had no idea what I was doing.

I know heaven has a special place for first born children.... the parents never know what they are doing and are often times wrong. Only the strongest of spirits can be first children.

James you are amazing! And we love you. You bring such a spark to our family and such a different perspective as well.

Your love of all things random keep up on our toes.

Your love and knowledge of the gospel teaches me daily.

You have a gift of forgiveness that I love. Thank you for forgiving me.

I love that you love music so much. And I love that it is all music. I hear you tapping out or humming a tune and it makes me happy to know that you are choosing good things to listen to.

I am so happy and yet sad to watch you grow into a man. I love that you are learning about life, but sad that it is moving so fast.

James I love you. I have loved you from the moment you were put into my arms, and I will love you for the rest of eternity. Thank you for being a great kid.

Happy Birthday James! I hope the next 10 years are just as great!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The very last one.

Being pregnant and having all boys is interesting. I can't tell you how many time I have been asked if I want a girl.

To put this out there.... I want a healthy baby. Boy or Girl it really doesn't matter.

I tell people I don't care, and really I don't but I don't ever want my youngest 2 to feel that we kept trying to have a girl. I love my boys and wouldn't trade them for all the pink in the world.

Our choice to have another child had absolutely nothing to do with the gender of our children.

We love being a family of all boys.

And while we are on the subject of having another child let it be known that this was a prayed about choice.

I have NEVER been baby hungry. That's not me.

Our children have either been planned {4 of them} or definite surprises {2 of them}.

We are so excited to be having number 6 and feel that our family is now complete. And honestly it's a wonderful feeling.

So I am enjoying this last time of carrying a child and boy or girl our family is complete. 

I love being pregnant and will be sad to close that chapter in our life, but I am excited to be at a point where I am just raising kids rather than doing that and being pregnant.

We do not yet know what we are having although I do know it's not a giraffe. And Benji wants a droid, but I think he might be disappointed to get "just a baby" 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The unspoken truths

Congratulations!!! You are bringing home your bundle of joy! This new baby will light up your life in ways that you never knew were possible.

With all the "experts" out there telling you everything that you need to know about your new baby I'm going to tell you about the unspoken truths that really happen.

First of all... the only thing that this baby will get from it's parents are its looks. Believe it or not this little blob that you just brought home will grow into its own human. You can try to mold him into a something but ultimately this tiny person has his own personality. Get use to it. If you are super out going you will probably end up with a shy child. If you are so uncoordinated and can barely kick a ball, you'll get a super star athlete. It's just the way it is.

Next.... at some point you really will think your baby has been taken over by a demon. Weird noises will come from your child as well as all sorts of unnatural body fluids and there will be projectile vomiting. You'll swear that he was 12 feet from the wall and yet that is where all the vomit landed. It will pass. And your child will again be your precious little one. It's a right of passage for all new parents to try to figure out where the green stuff that is all over the baby actually came from.

Now well meaning people will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps.... Two problems with that. If you have more than one child at home good luck with that. As soon as you get the baby to sleep and think you are going to lay down that's when the toddler will figure out how to unlock all 12 locks you have on your front door and escape. Or he will decided that he needs a bath and the toilet already has water in it. No... when you have extra kids at home {who would normally watch TV} with a new baby will all of a sudden need you every second that the baby is sleeping.... even if dad is home. And the other... If baby is the only one you'll think great he's sleeping I'm going to lay down.... Then with out fail every person and the dog will come to the door. You'll get packages, well meaning friends, a stray dog that keeps scratching. Face it sleeping when the baby sleeps is a ridiculous thought.

The term "Baby Proofing" is in my opinion a dumb thought. When have you ever seen a newborn launch himself out of someone's arms to put a knife in an electrical outlet??? Yeah... me neither. Toddler Proofing is a better term. By all means be safe, I'm not saying to leave open flames all over your house and hope that nothing happens. But be realistic in your expectations. If you don't get all the outlets covered and cupboards locked before baby comes home from the hospital it's ok. You'll have time to do that. Besides... all the baby proofing in your home that you do is more to irritate you than it is to keep the child safe. Kids... even little one are smarter than we give them credit for, they are the ones that can figure out the "Child Safety Locks" while we parents have to use a hammer to get things open.

Just don't dress the baby.... I mean in nice clothes any way. It's cute and all but really, the Baby Law states that "If I am in a nice outfit, especially something that is all white, hand made, or an antique I must have a massive blowout that requires a while box of wipes and an bath for both me and the person changing me." I'm serious leave a baby in a onesie or just a sleeper. Nice outfit means poop for days! If you are going to do pictures "try" to trick the child and not get him dressed until 10 seconds before the picture is taken and then quickly undress him. But be advised... they are smart and have supplies ready to handle the unexpected.

Speaking of poop, up until this point all things poop has been a private matter. But as soon as you have a baby it becomes an open topic of conversation. How many times your child does or doesn't poop, the color of it, the smell of it.... yes, you'll go there. And.... you'll be amazed that you will be able to smell your kid from across the room, you'll be able to pick him out from a dozen kids, and know exactly how much he pooped. And when you are having an off day you won't think twice about picking your kid up to smell his butt. {and we always talk about how gross dogs are for smelling butts.... } And then in the toddler years you will celebrating when the little one poops in the toilet. Phone calls will be made, Facebook statuses will be updated. Poop is now a part of your daily life.

Never say "I will never".... You'll eat those words so fast. You say 'I will never let the baby fall asleep in my arms' next think you know you are out on the couch with the baby on your chest while both of you are sleeping because this is how anyone in the house will ever have a chance to sleep again {see reason above for not sleeping} You say 'I will never put a leash on my child' and you will end up with a wandering child that is like Houdini when it comes to escaping.... remember they are their own person. You say 'I will never'... the baby will help you change that.

This is a wonderful time! Babies are awesome!! Except for when they aren't. Don't feel bad if you have a bad day. It's ok to hand the baby off to someone else and go for a walk or take a shower or even have sex with your husband. I'm serious. I had a friend call me and ask me to take her baby for a while because she just needed to be with her husband without feeling guilty that the baby was being unattended in the next room. They cry and sometimes that's all they do for no reason. It will pass... I promise you that you will not send your sweet child off to college still crying for no reason.

Please.... Please.... have realistic expectations for yourself. TV mom are not real, Celebrity moms have help. You are a real person. If all you accomplish today is to brush your teeth celebrate that! The next day..... or month will be better. The mom that you see who seems to have it all put together... Yeah, the truth is she hasn't showered in 4 days and after she got in the car realized that she wasn't wearing shoes. Don't compare yourself with anyone. Babies should bring joy... sometimes they won't... it's true... but comparing yourself to someone else will will NEVER bring joy.

As a mom of 5... soon to be 6 kids the "experts" know nothing.... these are the real things about babies!!

{Tell me what would you add to this list??} 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tim's a year older

While I was laying on the couch trying not to die.... {ok s that's a bit of an exaggeration...} This amazing kid turned 7!

For his birthday this year he wanted to go to a corn maze. So we found one in Lindon and off we went. It was a fun day out with the boys.

I still look at him and see a tiny baby that was so frail and small. But when I blink, there he is. A boy! And not just any boy, a really great one.

Tim is my snuggler. He will come and sit next to me and rub my arm or play with my hair, or just curl up in my lap.

He is bordering between two worlds right now.  He loves to run with the big kids and play with them, but he still likes all the little kids things like dressing up and being held and carried.

When his feelings get hurt he will not let anyone see him cry. {But when he gets in trouble or doesn't get what he wants he can start crying at the drop of a hat} And his big eyes with the dark hair and dark eye lashes will get him what ever he wants.

He is cute and he knows it and uses it to get him things.... He got a goodie bag and a piece of cake from a birthday party that was at a park that we just went to play at. Just because he was cute and asked if he could play too.

He is sensitive, and very in tune with little ones need.

He is starting to have a really good sense of humor.... but his favorite word is still poop. He'll even say it just to giggle at himself.

Tim is a joy to our family. He really thinks about everyone and tries to make sure that everyone is happy.

Tim I love you!! You are a wonderful kid and you are going to be an amazing young man! Thank you for being such a big part of our family!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's just hair.... right???

A funny thing happened in August.... well not totally funny, more like traumatic for a little three year old.

You see... Benji use to have hair like this.
It was thick and course and oh so curly.
Frankly I was jealous of his great hair. 
And then one day Benji found some scissors.

He cut a chunk out of his hair. I could tell but others usually could not. With his hair s fluffy it was an easy cover.

And then.... he found my razor and proceeded to "brush" his hair. I only know that because after he brushed his hair he came out to brush mine.

This time the damage was much more noticeable. There was no covering it this time.

So one night the sadness began.
 All his beautiful curls started falling t the floor.
And then it was done. I think he was more upset at being held still than the actual cut but it was still sad.

Sadly the lesson wasn't all the way learned and he was found "brushing" his hair again a few days later. I too have learned my lesson and all razors are promptly put out of reach after use.

And the fact that he is a boy means that the fix was easy.... I didn't have to blend a missing pig tail or figure out new bangs.

His hair is growing back, because it does that.... and it looks like his curls will emerge again.

I didn't think I was so attached but I was. Hopefully next time he needs a cut it will be a trim and not a hack job.... by him or us.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking Back

Good Heavens!!! My how time flies!

I have been busy with some things and other times I am not busy but I am tired and to have to get the computer out and think of what to say is just to much.

I have a quiet moment right now, Steve is at a meeting and all the kids are in bed, so I thought why not dust off the old blog and write again.

{but we are NOT going to talk about the dishes in the sink, or the laundry n the bed..... or the really messy boys' bathroom, or the disaster area {that should be taped off} play room}

Things here have been moving along. The practice is slowly picking up. To slowly for me but all in good time right?? The boys are busy with school. They are enjoying it and enjoying the friends that they are making, but by the time that they get home and finish with homework it doesn't leave a whole lot left in the day for play or even family time. I always look forward to the breaks that they get.

Benji is keeping me busy. He is my little shadow all day. It's weird just having two at home, it makes for some quiet afternoons. There is one thing about winter that I am enjoying. While the weather is cooking down there is almost this unspoken rule that a big blanket needs to be taken out and snuggled under. So while Swim naps Benji and I snuggle.

Speaking of Swim... Holy Moly!!!! That kid is on the move! he has decided that there is need for walking. He is 9 months. He's really cute about it. He'll stand up and take a few steps and then start giggling and fall. Then he gets up and does it again. Oh... and he snorts when he laughs!

Time goes by all to quickly!

For Halloween this year the boys were going to be lego men.... the concept seemed good in my head but the actual conception.... yeah... it didn't work out so well. So we pulled out the old fall back costume that every mother knows of... homeless men, or as what I called them.... hobos.

Have you ever seen Studio C???? It's a clean version or Saturday Night Live. There is a character that is a shoulder angel.... so since Benji likes to ride on Steve's shoulder.... he was the shoulder angel.

Life has taken a quiet turn for the the past couple months. Sometimes it makes me wonder what is coming? But I am trying to enjoy the time that we are at.

{The picture at the top was one that I took while we went hiking. We hiked Stuart Falls up by Sun Dance Ski Resort. I carried Swim in my wrap for all 4 mile and gave him to Steve as we were walking t the car because I was so tired and sore. I thought it was so cute to see him looking over Steve's shoulder looking for me...... The three big boys.... they ran the whole 4 miles and waited for us at the bottom. I love seeing the energy that their bodies have!}

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A lot on my mind

My mind has been going crazy lately.

But it usually does that when I am sick. I don't feel like I can do a whole lot else, and so I think.

I think about the boys and how I am glad that they can live on cereal and sandwiches.

How I can clean my house with out moving.

How I find so much peace in the Gospel.

Will I have a girl, or be blessed with another wonderful boy.

And... our country.

This country... the American soil I get to live on is very dear to me. People in my family have fought to defend it. I have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War. I have a husband who fought on foreign soil in 2005. And I have family that has fought in all the wars in between.

I know this country was founded by great men. And I know that those great men had great women standing by them.

Sadly our country has fallen int chaos.

We are still functioning, but not well. People can't seem to decide what will be best for our country. People don't want to figure things out. It seem that those that are elected to give voice to the people they represent are falling short in their duties.

Right now we are in a "Government Closure" but I don't think anyone really knows what that means or how it is helping. Things like the National Monuments are closed... National Parks.... Military and DoD jobs are getting paid on an IOU. It's sad really.

But amidst the chaos there are heros among us. There is a man from South Carolina that went to Washington DC to clean the National Mall. He took it upon himself to do something that needed to be done, but wasn't because those "in charge" said no to lawn care.

I don't know this man... it was a story that I read. But this is what I want my boys to be like. I want them to take pride in this country.... even if it's falling apart. I want them to do something about it.

We have come a long way from "We the People".

Our country is not what it once was.

I don't know what the future holds.... I only can hope for the best and teach my boys as best as I can. I can teach them about how great this country once was, and can be again. That they need to stand strong for what is right and to do the right... no matter the cost.

To have faith that the Lord is in charge and that... really... is the only thing that matters.

I've been gone....

And this is the reason why....

I'm hoping to get back into blogging soon and my goal is to be more regular at it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Boyfriends and such...

I have all these old dance pictures from High School. I don't have a whole lot but enough. What do I do with them all??

A few of them are just fun pictures of guys that I went to the dances with, we were just friends and that was all.

But many of them are with an old boyfriend.

I really don't want them hanging around my house, but they are part of my past and so I feel funny about throwing them away.

High School is such a funny time. While you are in living it, it really doesn't matter what anyone else says it feels like such a big deal. Like your whole life will rest on what you do in High School, on the friends that you make {and the boyfriends you have}

It's not until you are a few years past that when you look back and realize how silly that is. My life definitely did not turn out like I thought it would when I was in high school! I didn't marry the boy, I don't have any girls, I still don't know how to sew, and I'm not living in the first house that we bought.

I love that my life turned out different than what I had planned for. I married a really great man, we have 5 crazy, handsome, wonderful boys {and another question mark on the way} I've lived in 5 states and made more friends than I ever thought I would.

If I could go back in time and tell me something this is what it would be.

Dear High School Leah,

Here you are in High School. It's a hard time and I know you are doing the best that you can. I am from the future looking back and here are some things that I want you to know.


High School... not so much the drama of it but the drudgery of it. Life is so much better on the other side. Maybe not the growing up part... I mean man, the bills, the jobs, the demands.

But life in general is so much better. The books that you read in high school don't even scratch the surface to what is out there. The way you are able to see life in such a grander way is awesome. No longer is your view just a small blip on the grand scale, but it's like all of a sudden a whole new world is open, and you are able to reach out and touch it all.

Remember to be kind to everyone. I know you are not a bully, but you have had times when you have looked the other way when instead you should have turned and helped someone. Be aware of what is going on and be the one to step in and make a difference.

Forget the boys!! Really.... they don't matter. None of the guys that are your friends now will you ever talk to again. The guys don't matter. What matters is that you stay true to yourself that you remember your divine nature, and that you are a daughter of God. Trying to impress them will only cause you to be sad when they choose to talk to someone else.

The boyfriend.... who I'm sure you think you are going to marry.... I remember... you were trying out your new signature with his name. High school romances are cute... they really are. But there is so much more out there in life than what some boy thinks of you now. I know you like the way his hand feels in yours, but there is a man that is waiting for you and once you meet him you'll wonder why any other person was ever so important to you. If all you think about now is the boyfriend, you may miss who is waiting for your later on. {please don't screw it up!!}

Sometimes it seems hard to stay true to what you believe, but it will be worth it. That guy I was telling you about... he wants to take you to the temple. He wants to be with you for eternity. He is willing to wait for you and keep himself clean for you, do the same for him.... for you.

There are so many more options out there than being a nurse {and since we all know you pass out at the sight of blood that is not a viable option} or a teacher. While those are great professions they are may not be for you.

Learning really starts after high school. There is no one there telling you what to read or what to study. The choice is yours, use it wisely!

Branch out with your music choices!! I promise, you'll be glad that you did. There is so much more out there than the boy bands and pretty girls that sing and dance.

Be willing to do things that scare you. You will work on this for years, but if you can learn that it is ok to fail. It is ok to fall down, you will be better for it. You will learn t pick yourself up and know that life keeps on going. You will also learn that no one sees your failures like you do. they will see a lesson learned, where you see devastation. It really is only a lesson learned. {except for the one time that you  calculated the size of the beam for the house wrong.... that was really bad... learn to pay attention too!!!}

And the friends.... oh friends. I know you haven't been popular. {even though you secretly want to be... who doesn't} But high school friends are the ones that will fade with time. Work hard to keep one or two friends real close but let the rest go. There are so many more people for you to meet. Don't worry... social media is big now and you will reconnect with some friends from high school, and now that you are not in that building it's an even playing field and you'll find that real things now matter.

Don't give up on yourself. You are amazing and have many things to offer to others. Your life matters and you are everything to 5 little people who need you.

"Don't waste your time on being jealous... sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind, the race is long and in the end it is only with yourself"

You will make it through this and come out better on the other side.... good luck.

-Your future self....

What would you say to your past self??? And really.... what do you do with your old pictures??

Monday, August 26, 2013

On my wall

I have a hard time decorating.... I try, but I get so nervous that it won't look good that I just avoid it.

I have a good friend that has a great blog about decorating Inside-Out Designs. She is truly amazing and has a lot of great ideas. Now I'll be honest.... Her style is not my style and I really couldn't see myself hanging the same art that she has on my walls, but the great thing with Brook is that she explains why she changed things, or bought things, and she has a lot of tutorials so you can use what you like.

I read this post of hers about framing fabric. I thought is was a good idea I just didn't know if I liked any fabric enough to frame it.

Then I remembered that I had something special that has just been moved with us and spent many years in my sock drawer.

That's the beauty of art work.....

It is a scarf that my Great Grandma Ester would wear. She would get her hair done every week and then put a scarf on her head so her new do wouldn't get blown in the wind.

Then as my Grandma Joyce was battling cancer and lost her hair, she wore the scarf. The women who wore this scarf are very special to me. And I am so happy to have a piece of them with me. I love that this is no longer tucked away, but out for people to see, and when the boys ask about it there is a great story to go with it.

{I know it's a little crooked.... I had a great helper who was so excited to help. I'll straighten it out another day}

I love the pictures of raspberries. Every time I eat raspberries it takes me back to Michigan where those women lived next door to each other. I remember sneaking into other people's yards in the neighbor hood to eat the sweet raspberries. And the colors are so bright still. And the detail is wonderful!!

I made sure that this is out of the sun. I will be getting a new frame with glass that is a little tinted so the color won't fade from the sun.

I love that it is by the aprons. My grandma would make cute aprons for all the girls that worked at the Snack Shack, the restaurant that she and my Papa owned and ran.

It's up really high so I'm going to move things around to make it fit better, but I just needed to get it up on the wall.

I have some other ideas about what I want to put on my walls. But I'm glad I made the start with this.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

School's in Session

So this year I sent my babies to school. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. I made it a whole tow and a half hours before I started bawling. It is hard to give up the freedom and control. I know this is where we need.

First I want to tell you about the school that they got into and how it happened. I was looking for a charter school to put the boys into. I looked at a ton, but all of the lotteries were over and I was pretty sure I was going to have to wait until next year to get them into a charter school. Well, I was looking on the internet and happen t stumble across a school that was holding one last lottery to fill it's seats. So I called them. It happened to be the same day that we were moving into our new rented house and I was hauling a trailer down to Orem where we were going to live. So I pulled into the school, trailer and all.... and registered them pretty much thinking that the boys would be on the wait list. I drove away and realized that our house was about a 1/4 of a mile away from the school.  {the public school that they going to go to they were going to have to be bussed.} So on with our day we went.... in fact I really didn't think much about it. Then I checked my email a couple days later and found that James got in!! I was so excited. The school they are going to teaches with a much more classical view. The books that they are to read are really good books, they way the teach each child is great. I know that they are teaching a class but they still try to teach it in many ways sot hat each child is taught a way that he can learn.

I thought great!! James is in. I checked and Tommy and Tim were still on the wait list. I was told that Tommy has a good chance of getting in, but Tim was quite  aways down. So I went ahead and registered the two of them at the public school that we are in the boundaries for.

About a week later I go another email saying that Tommy had a seat in a class! I was excited and got everything together fr him. Tommy was really excited to be going with James.

So now I was dealing with two different schools and two different schedules, but at least next year Tim will be with them too.

So Tim and I attended his Back to School Night, and met his teacher and saw his class. He was excited to go to school... really nervous, but excited.

That night at 9:00pm I was reading and I got a call from the school. A spot had opened up for Tim!!


I was floored!!! This is a Charter school... and one that is pretty highly ranked {as far as elementary goes} My mother in law know a lady that lives near her that has been trying to get her kids into this school for 3 years, and I ended up getting all three boys in this year! I know we are being watched over and I know that the Lord knows me and the desires of my heart. This is a huge blessing!

 Ok... so they really are happy it was just really bright that day and the sun was in their eyes.

James and Tommy started on Monday and Tim started on Wednesday, so here are the two boys together.
And all of the boys.... I really am not ready for this. I'm glad that I have the two little ones at home to keep me company.
Tim's first day. It took a little convincing to get him out of the door, but we made it.
And really.... I don't know what is up with Tim, he really was happy.

My three little scholars are ready for school! {mom however is still working on it....}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer sprinklers

On one of the last day of summer before school started, I found myself pondering this summer. It really wasn't that great. No trips were taken and because of our situation we didn't have the money to go places and do things. I am thankful for my wonderful children that would rather have experiences than things. So I told them to put on their bathing suits... they asked if we were going to the beach.... I asked them were the nearest beach was. Tommy knew that it was in California... but he only thought that because it was two states away it would only take up 2 hours to get there.

Instead I handed out Popsicle and turned on the sprinkler.

Looking at this picture with the backs of their heads all I can think of saying is "one of these things is not like the other" We still don't know where Benji got all that curl.
 I love this picture of the 5 of them.

It was kinda a sad day when I realized that they had never had the joy of running through the sprinklers... how have we missed doing this??? I guess when you live near the ocean... that's what you do and the poor sprinklers don't stand a chance.

I love this one of James as he flies over!

For Tommy it took a lot of coaxing to get him even to kinda get wet. He is not a water person so the fact that he is even near the water is a big thing.

Tim had a blast jumping in and out of the water.

They were going to try to do a running high-five... they couldn't get the timing right so they were jumping at the same time.... and when you jump over with your eyes shut... you crash.

Benji has found the joy of the camera... this really isn't anything new. 

When Benji was about 6 months old I was busy in the kitchen and couldn't get to him. So Tim was trying to entertain him. Nothing was working and Tim got board. He wanted to take some pictures, so he used my camera and started snapping away.

He started taking pictures of Benji, and Benji stopped crying.... soon he started giggling.

He loves to have his picture taken and now is making an effort to get into all of the pictures... so watch out when you have your camera out.... you may be photobombed by Benji.

James and Tim are less than 3 years apart. I never realized how much bigger James is than Tim..... and how much older he looks when he's next to his little brother.
 Poor Tim.... I don't ever think he'll grow out of his beach bum
This is what Tommy found that he liked to do.... what fold the hose and wait for someone to stand by the water.... or check on it and let the water flow... he likes water when he is not getting wet.
 And last.... look at Benji. He finally went over the top of it. I love his face in this picture!

I want to remember the simple joys of summer. Vacations are fun, and they create some really good memories. But you can have good memories and fun times just by being silly. Have a popsicle and  turn on the hose and see who can jump the highest over the water.

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