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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sushi and a Movie

We use to do Pizza and a movie every Friday night... then one day I picked up some Sushi for Steve and I. The boys were mad that I didn't get enough for them too. So The next Friday.... Sushi it was.

They ate it all and kept asking for more. Everything from California rolls, to Spicy Tuna.
As long as it wasn't touching the Wasabi they loved it.

I think it's funny that they like Sushi, but I love that this is our Friday night thing now. I guess I should learn how to make it.

Now... what are we going to watch?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

He leaves a trail.

This little boy is into EVERYTHING!! Ever time I turn around he is lost or stuck some where or getting into something.

He love the clementine oranges. He has a couple problems.... he can't get it out of the little bag, and he can't peel it. 
He can usually manage to get it out of the bag by playing with it enough, but the peeling. Well that's another story. Usually he just bits it open and sucks out the juice.

This is him telling me he's hungry. He doesn't scream or make a noise he just follows me around opening his mouth. I know, he looks like he is fading away to nothingness....

About 20 minutes before this he was clean. He was given a bath and put in clean clothes....
But really... can you be mad at a face like this. The only thing left is to find the mess that was left behind and get that cleaned up.

Yes... his teeth are sharp. And he likes juice.
I can usually tell where he has been, because there is a trail left behind him as he wanders on his way day after day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Upper Cervical Evolution

I had a wonderful opportunity to go with Steve to the Upper Cervical Evolution that was here in Orlando. It was wonderful!

Steve is learning a specific type of Chiropractic care, Upper Cervical.... you may have heard me mention stuff about that before.

Steve has been going to extra classes up in North Carolina every month for the past 9 months to learn this technique.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments are amazing. Let me tell you my story really fast. Tim woke up one morning with a sore neck. Through out the day it progressively got worse, until that evening when he couldn't turn his head. Thinking that he just needed to sleep he went to bed. The next morning he woke up and his neck was worse than before, he had no rotation and cried every time I touched his neck. He had Tortacallas and the doctors wanted to give him a muscle relaxer. We have chosen not to give medication to our children if there is another way. And with this there was. We called up Dr. Matt Roe, the Doctor that Steve has been shadowing, and he got Tim in. After a quick check he adjusted Tim, and with in 20 minutes Tim was bouncing off the walls.

If we had gone with a regular medical doctor Tim would have been on medication for at least a week and we would have waited for his neck to be heal, possible physical therapy too. One trip up to Dr. Roe, and Tim has been fine ever since.

Upper Cervical care is real and it works. And I am proud of Steve for graduating from the Upper Cervical Academy. {next step... graduate from Palmer...}

Congratulations Steve!!! I'm proud of you!
THere are all the graduates
And all the Upper Cervical graduates from Palmer.
These four men got closer than they ever wanted too. They drove up to all the conferences together... in a 9 hour car ride.... over night stays together.... male bonding at it's best.a
I was able to go to a few of the speakers and meet many doctors. I really enjoyed it.

Upper Cervical Care is amazing and I'm so happy that Steve chose to learn this technique, it is powerful.

I'm happy that Steve is apart of this and how hard he has worked and continues to work on becoming a grea Chiropractor.

Monday, May 16, 2011

What's in the bag?

Soooooo...... I decided to clean out my bag.... I don't think I was prepared for what cam out.

Cute bag that I got at the thrift store for all of $4 and it holds a ton of stuff!!! but you never really know how much until you empty it all out.
You know those party games you play... you know the ones where the host says, "ok... everone look in your purse and pull out some thing that starts with a ...."

Yeah.. I would have that.

My, my.... how embarrassing.
There is a pile of baby stuff {wipes, diapers, formula, cheerios, toys ect.} a pile of garbage {sadly it's the biggest pile} a pile of fruit snacks... if you're a mom you know that these are worth more than gold!! office supply stuff... yup... even scissors, coupons, 47 cents, miscellaneous {hand sanitizer, tissues} and personal stuff {jewelry, Tablet, lip gloss and my little nano thing}

One day maybe I'll carry an expensive purse {one that is like $30} and doesn't hold diapers and Desitine, until then.... I'm happy as my life as a mom and carrying everything except the kitchen sink.... wait... I think I might find that in here to.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Eleven whole years!!!

After meeting on the internet and a whirlwind engagement, and year after year we have made it to number eleven!!  Yes ELEVEN years!!! Crazy huh! It still blows my mind some times, that we have been married for 11 years. I love this man and he is my best friend. I feel so lucky to have met him so many years ago.

We have made some wonderful memories together. Our 4 incredible boys to start with. I can see bits of Steve in each of them. Not just in their looks but in their personalities too. We have crossed the United States to start a new life. A new life that has changed us all for the better.

We have run the gauntlet in our 11 years. Things have never been bad, just hard. The military helped with that. There were deployments and many times away from each other. The struggle of raising a family alone has tested us. We have come out better because of it. We are stronger for the life we have chosen.

'our song' really fits us Carbon Leaf's "Life Less Ordinary"

I am so happy that we were married in the Temple of the Lord. That our vows were made for ETERNITY!!! I love knowing that I get to spend forever with him.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!!! Here’s to way more than 11 more years!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Confessing... agian.


I had every intention to only air my laundry about once a month or so. I didn't thing that I would have all that much to say.... boy was I wrong.

I confess.... that I have really good intentions of making things. Like pillows for my couch. Like the cute wreath for my door. Like the Family Home Evening chart for my wall. But I have ZERO follow through. {I'm working on that} so I have all this stuff... for the stuff I am going to make.... and it's piling up on my crap craft table. {On the bright side.... I don't feel guilty anymore about buying things that look easy to make.... Etsy here I come!!}

I confess.... that I am a huge blogstalker! I look at other blogs and read what is there.... and dare I say it.... I look to see if they have cuter kids than I do. Please tell me that someone else does the same.

I confess... that I only eat the muffin top... or cupcake top. I make cupcakes and give the bottom to the kids... until they caught onto me.... the baby doesn't know yet.

I confess.... that I am still intrigued by this whole royal wedding thing, like what is William's last name? And if only men in the line are suppose to take the thrown... how did the Queen get the positions. How long is the new couple allowed to wait before having kids... are they expected to produce an heir right away? Will she ever do anything normal... like mop the floor, or make dinner?

I confess... that I am not here right now. We found a saintly woman who offered to take all 4 kids so Steve and I could get away for the weekend! 3 days and 2 whole nights!!! I love my kids, but I am really excited to not have knees in my back when I wake up in the morning. We haven't gotten away... just the two of us for more than one night since before Tommy was one!!! That was a really long time ago.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've been baking

I enjoy being in the kitchen, I love baking.

I love dessert! and it's even better when it's pretty!

 Watermelon cake, isn't it pretty. And... it even tastes like watermelon.... the secret is watermelon jello. {which is harder to find than you think}

These are some of my favorites! They are a chocolate cupcake with a vanilla center {think HoHo} and a pretty little cherry on top. Aren't they cute!

When I get to be in the kitchen without crazies hanging off my apron with all the wonderful smells I find it very therapeutic and rejuvenating.... and I get to lick the bowl and have the first taste.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kisses and Prayers

Right after I had James I looked down at my perfect little baby and kissed every little finger, and every little toe. It was so fun watching him grow, and as he was learning new things there were ofter bumps and bruises. Now with bumps and bruises as a mom we bend down and kiss the knees, and elbows.

The power of a mothers' kiss is amazing. It can take a hurt little boy whose little world has come crashing down back to where it should be... and even better, any owie that has happen is instantly made better with the mother's kiss. As a new mom I just knew that that my kisses could fix every thing!

That is until it didn't.

When Tim was born at 30 weeks he was so little. The doctors took him away and I wasn't able to see him for a few hours, and it was a day before I could hold him. My little baby was in the hospital fighting for his little life and I couldn't do anything. I wanted to kiss him better, but I was only allowed to touch his ever so small hand.

I couldn't kiss him better. I wanted too. I cried as I held him and softly kissed his head. Feeling like there was nothing I could do but wait... wait for him to be big enough and strong enough to leave.

So I prayed. I prayed that he would get better. I prayed that I would be strong enough for what ever happens. I prayed that his spirit would be a strong one and that he would continue to fight for this beautiful life.

That little baby has now grown into a crazy strong willed child. He often has bumps and bruises that I get to kiss better. And my kisses work.

I prayed often before this happen. I just never expected the intensity of my prayers to be so strong as I was praying for this new spirit. When you have a sick child it's so different. Even as you pray for them you are praying for yourself to be comforted and to have the mindset of "Thy Will." The thought of having to give him back to my Father in Heaven was a hard one, and something that I didn't want to think about. But it was in that moment that the Atonement made so much sense and the power of what my Savior did for me. And if He had bigger plans for my little baby, and his mission on this earth was completed by just having a body, then I would give him back, and know that all is well.

I have learned many new things as a mom, but this is the one that really hit me.

Kisses are amazing! Prayers are answered!

Monday, May 2, 2011

He can see now.

He had been squinting for a while when ever he reads.... It was coming for a while now....

I think he looks good, and he only needs them to read.

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