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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch times 3

We have had so much fun going to the pumpkin patches. And a total of 10 pumpkins later we are done with that Halloween tradition, and we are on too costumes and candy.

So here is the adventures of the pumpkin patches.....

Our first stop was to Apple Annie's Orchard. There was a pumpkin patch so we stopped and picked pumpkins with my sister Eliza. The boys had a blast picking pumpkins and racing the push carts.

With Tim's short legs it was easier to have James push him than to have him walk.

I thought this picture was so funny, Tim just seemed lost in a sea of pumpkins.
And here he is picking one that was a good size for him to carry. The guy ringing up our pumpkins didn't charge us for this one. I think he was confused as to why we had one small pumpkin among the bigger ones, but this is the one that Tim picked and who am I to argue?
After a big mess, and Tommy stabbing his pumpkin to no end here are the results. They actually turned out really good. It was a good thing Eliza what there to help out. The boys loved the idea of carving pumpkins but having to do it was another story. The insides were "to gross" and carving it was "to sticky." I think because the little knife kept getting stuck. So Eliza did one (the happy face) and helped James (the ghost). And I did one (the cat) and helped Tommy (the mutilated bat). And Tim is carrying around his pumpkin.

The next pumpkin adventure was when James went to the pumpkin patch for a field trip. {This was the day that I blew both tires...you can see that post down a little} I was so excited to get to the school and pick James up and here all about his first field trip, but alas... I was late.

James and his giant pumpkin!
Our final stop for with the pumpkin patches was a field trip with Tommy's class. Picking the perfect pumpkin is a very delicate and time consuming thing, and it is not to be rushed! There is the traditional ways of picking one, oh, you know, looking at the color, tapping it, maybe picking it up to see if it feels right. Well I have been introduced to some new ways to pick pumpkins....
Smelling it.
Rolling it around.
And sitting on it.
Like I said these things can't be rushed, and after spending 20 minutes finding the right pumpkins we were able to move on.
Here is a cute picture I got of the boys. James came up behind Tommy and put his arms around him and was asking him about the pumpkin that he picked out.
Here is the typical "trying to get all three boys to look at the camera at the same time and NOT look like maniacs" picture. I guess we were almost there.
And here is one of all of us as we were ending the field trip. The boys just got a piece of candy and I told them I wouldn't open it until they held still for the picture.

And to conclude this time, I leave you with the fun we had painting pumpkins (Three kids, one mom and knives was too much for me to handle) and this way no one ended up injured. (and I wanted to use the pumpkins to make a pie later)When we went to the store to get brushes, I thought I would let them pick out what ever colors they wanted. So we had red, and green, a tan, and yellow. Yeah, it didn't dawn on me until later.....

Here is Tim with his painting, and he actually had more on his legs than on the pumpkin.

And here we go.... Our works of art. Remember the color pallet? Well all those colors make a beautiful shade of orange. So yes, James and Tommy painted their orange pumpkins orange!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So I decided to give up scrapbooking, and I did this in March, I think, well I found tow GREAT places to print blogs!!! See, the reason I like scrapbooks is for the journaling well by the time I get around to scrapbooking it I can't remember why the moment was so special. That's why, for me, blogging is so great. I've been looking for a good place to print my blog that will be easy and fun and still have that "I want to read it" feel that scrapbooks have. So here is the first one...

Blog2Print This is exactly what it says it is. The only down side (that I can find) is that it prints ALL of you posts. Which is good unless you have that one random post or you have information that was good for a blog but not print worthy. The next one is...

Scrapbookblogger This too is just what it says. You can get cute paper to go with it, arrange your pictures to fit what you want, and delete unwanted things. The down side to this is that it takes some time to know how to use it. Don't get me wrong this is REALLY EASY but you still have to play with it.

There you go two great sites to publish blogs.

The other thing is that I am now writing on ModernMollyMormon. I'll be posting about once a week (maybe more or less) depending on what I'm thinking. Go check it out, my first post was introducing myself to the world. (kind of) I'm really excited about this.

So go now and look at all the links....Are you still here? I said go :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laralynn got me

My sister-in-law tagged me, so here goes!
I am: Pretty awesome
I want: Everyone to find there shoes!
I have: 3 boys (and a dog) that have more energy than you would believe
I dislike: Bugs!!! Anything creepy crawly freaks me out
I miss: My Sweetie
I fear: The fore mentioned bugs, heights and ironing
I feel: Overwhelmed
I hear: Not a lot, thekids are in bed
I smell: The clean house
I crave: Anything sweet!
I cry: When I'm watching a romantic movie
I usually: Am over scheduled
I search: For sanity
I wonder: What Steve will be when he grows up (love you sweetie)
I regret: Not much....but I probably should
I love: My family
I care: About the social economics of Russia (does that sound smart?)
I always: Kill things.... fish, flowers, vegetables, plants....
I worry: That Steve will get hurt
I am not: Organized, but I pretend to be
I remember: My dreams
I believe: That I am a daughter of God
I dance: Anywhere there is music playing
I sing: Off key
I don't always: Pay attention
I argue: With the boys on why they can't run in the road
I write: Blogs, letters, and emails
I win: really at nothing....
I lose: at every game I play with Steve
I wish: I could play the piano
I listen: to all kinds of music
I don't understand: How to turn kids off
I can usually be found: At my house (unless I'm not)
I need: I don't have a husband at home so take a wild guess at what I need.....
I forget: Anything I don't write down
I am happy: Most of the time
I tag: anyone who wants to do this

Monday, October 20, 2008

This was not in the schedule!!!

When I got up this morning I went through my day in my head and here is what I had in my day....

*Go for a run and then Shower
*Get James to school
*Grocery shopping (on which I spent $50 for the week!!! Yeah for food storage)
*Let Tommy and Tim play next door until time to pick up James
*Back to the school to get James
*Go to Walmart and get some fish (I killed the last batch that was in the fish tank)
*Lunch for the boys
*Nap/rest time, and time that I have to pick up the house from the morning
*Everyone up and ready for snacks
*Showbiz Kidz rehearsal at my house today (hence the cleaning) (until 6:00pm)

do you get the idea?... I was BUSY today!
I had NO time for this!!! I'm actually really embarrassed to say that it was all my fault. AND it wasn't just the one tire, it was both front and back. (Sorry Sweetie) I was going to get James and as we were pulling out of the neighborhood, Tommy yelled for me to look at something, so I did and..... I hit the curb across the street! Up and on the sidewalk I heard the tires pop. Fortunately no one was hurt and the rims were not bent.

So that totally threw a wrench into my plans as I had to get a tow truck to take me to Pepboys, and then for them to fix my problem...with two new tires. So $200 later I'm back on track and have vowed to watch the curbs!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adrenaline Junkies

So one of the days that my sister was here we went up and crashed the Bingham's campsite. So we hung out with them for the day and.... rode their 4-wheelers. (don't worry Binghams, I love you for more than your 4-wheelers :) )

The boys were excited from when I mentioned "4-wheelers" so they started asking to get on the quads the second we got out of the car. So it wasn't a surprise when I came around the camper to see both James and Tommy suited up and ready to go.

I put this one in black and white because all the gear was Emery's....so it was pink. And James tells me just about everyday that he likes all the colors except pink. But I guess now he look like a storm trooper.

The boys found a tree to climb that helped to pacify them so Eliza and I could go for a ride. Both James and Tommy loved climbing the tree. James did fall from the tree, and screamed on the way down, he did catch himself midway down. Once he was checked over for no broken bones or bleeding he was back up in the tree. He did scrape up his stomach but he didn't want a band aide or anyone to touch it, he just wanted back up the tree.

So the first ride we went on was just Priscilla, Emery, and Eliza and I. Eliza and I were on the same quad for this ride. It was so fun! Now if you have never ridden on the back of a quad it's so funny! You really have no control of your legs, so they just bounce and flop around. That along with the laughing makes it hard to hold on. Fortunately, nobody fell off.

Here is Eliza with her hair stuck in the goggles (sorry Eliza but it was pretty funny)

Not long after that Tommy got his little helmet stuck on his head.

When we got back the boys couldn't stand it any longer. So Eliza and I took them out. The first ride I took James and the second ride I took Tommy. Both boys were wanting to go higher, and faster. Every time we went up and over a hill they wanted to do a bigger one!
Eliza and Tommy ready to go.
James and I ready....

Coming down the hill with James, we got to the bottom and James asked to do it again... "but faster"
On one ride that I took Tommy on we went over some bumps and he kept hitting his head on my back, I heard "ough, ough, ough" I stopped to see if he was alright, and he was laughing so hard he could talk.
Tim went on a couple short rides but he was happy playing in the dirt, and just climbing on the quads. All the kids had a great time eating what ever junk food they could find, especially the M&M's and the candy corns we brought up.
Tim before he got dirty.

Climbing on the quad.
Playing in the dirt. This was a favorite thing for Tim.

Allen planned a little treasure hunt for all the kids and so we had a great time tramping through the desert to find the treasure box. The boys have loved the little motorcycles that they found.

Here's a classic picture of "Child with rootbeer" (or is it?) Tim was just happy that he finally got some.

Thanks to the Binghams for letting us crash their vacation and taking over the 4-wheelers.

We had a great day and the boys were in 7th Heaven when we left and have been asking for quads (hint hint Steve)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beautiful Sunny Day

So today down in southern Arizona it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

My sister Eliza came down to visit me (thankfully leaving the snowy cold weather of Utah back home)so we decided to take the boys on a hike. I had the boys put on long sleeved shirts because I thought it would be cooler than it was, but they were soon rolled up.Eliza has been fun to have around. She came in on Saturday and we took the boys to Chuck E Cheese. It was a lot of fun and James totally made out with the tickets on a game that he could even see what he was doing. I think he was just so excited to see the tickets coming out that he kept playing.

I've been wanting to do this hike in the Coronado National Park that can take you up two different ways. On way you go you get to a peak and can see where the boarder is between Mexico and the US, and the other takes you right to the border. It's about 3 miles one way. I guess I was a little to ambitious.

Here is Eliza showing the boys a bug. (I think we were walking for about 45 minutes and made it a whole .4 miles.)
A little less than a half mile we stopped for a break and granola bars which made every one happy.

Needless to say we didn't make it to the peak or to the boarder. we got to .7 of a mile and we were all done. But of course we have to go back. So the boys did a little more than a mile hike that was a good incline. We had some bumps and bruises but all in all came out ok. I think this hike will be saved for at least another year before we try it again. I may do it with out the boys....any volunteers? Probably many wanting to get away from the snow huh-

We will be doing the apple orchard and pumpkin patch tomorrow, we'll see how this goes down.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joy in the Journy

Conference this past weekend and was wonderful. The boys actually did well. The were to sit through the prayers, the songs and when ever the Prophet spoke.... and they did!! I was so proud of them. I really like Conference and look forward to getting the Ensign so I can read the talks that were given. Now when I heard President Monson speak about this topic "Joy in the Journey" I had to laugh. Because my friend Lucy has a blog called Joy in the Journey. (yes, Lucy I do think he got the idea from your blog)

His talk was truly refreshing. I think sometimes we forget to just enjoy the time we have here on earth "Adam fell that we might be, and men are that they might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25) I know that sometime I get to busy and forget to look at the sunset, or see the flowers that are blooming, I miss an important teaching moment, either for myself or the boys because I'm too caught up in the chaos of life. Yes, we are sent here to be tested, and to prove our faithfulness, but we are to smile and laugh too. We have sorrow, so we can truly enjoy the happiness and joy that is around us. I want to have a home that is joyful, where the Spirit can be. I know we won't be happy 100% of the time, but when the boys are grown I want to look back and say "Yes, we experience joy, pure joy." I also think we are to find joy within ourselves. Sometimes trying to make things happy for the boys I forget about myself. What are things that I truly find joy in? Do I go out of my way so that I can find the joy in this life? I don't think this is a selfish thing. It can be as simple as playing a song that I like, or reading a chapter of a book. I know the Lord wants me to be happy, I know that he wants to see me smile.

I know that at times I succumb to life's stresses, especially now since Steve is gone. Sometimes it's hard to find joy in anything let alone just the little things in life. Sometimes it's hard to even want to find the joy that is around us. But I think that if we can take a step back and see the whole picture we will understand what is meant for us. We are all given trials, and how we deal with them, and learn from them says a lot about who we are. Do we get angry, or put our faith in the Lord knowing that all will be well in the end, when ever that is. I think it's so important to find the joy that is there (as hard as it is sometimes) during these times of trials. I know the Lord will never leave me alone, and if I can find the the small ray of light I can follow that out. There is so much that is given to us, so much out there to find joy in. It's the "doing" that takes work. It's easier for some than for others but I know that it's there, that happiness is there for all of us brings hope.

I am so thankful for President Monson and that he was inspired to give this talk for me, and everyone else that was needing to know that we are here to have JOY.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's hard to be Domestic!

So I'm working on being more domestic. It's probably a good idea for me because I put "Domestic CEO" on anything that asks for my occupation. Well if any body asked for credentials, they might be disappointed. So here is what I've been working on....
"Bottled Butter"
I got the idea from my friend Connie, she has a second blog that is for all her creative stuff. So pretty much I copied this from her. But hey, I now have butter in my food storage. So here is what I did.

Start by heating up some jars for about 20 minutes
I put them on a cookie sheet so I wouldn't knock them over.

Then you are going to start melting your butter in a pot. I did 6 pounds of butter (12 cups). And you are going to melt it, stirring often so you don't scorch the bottom. You want it to get to a gentle boil. After that it needs to simmer for about 5-8 minutes.
Here is my butter getting frothy, and starting to boil.

Start ladling it into the prepared jars (don't forget to boil your lids) using a a jar funnel.
The 6 lbs. filled 7 pint jars. Next time I think I'll do half pint jars.

Now here is the time consuming part. Up to now you've only been working for about 45 minutes. But after you put the butter in the jars wipe the rim and put the lid and ring on tighten as much as possible. As you see the separation start shaking the jars. Do this every 10 minutes to start, it will get progressively longer as it takes longer to separate. When the jars are cool enough to handle by hand give them a good shake and then put them in the refrigerator.

Check on them often and if you see them separate shake them. Keep them in the refrigerator for an hour. After that take them out and date them. You can now keep the butter for 3-5 years in a cool dark place. You can use it as you would regular butter and because it's already soft it's good for cooking.
This is right after the final shake as it is setting.

Ok next we have bread....hey I needed to try out this butter...

So making bread I've used my bread machine but for some reason it keeps falling in the middle giving the bread "ears" when it is cut. The boys get a kick out of it but it just frustrated me. So I made bread for the first time. I know I know!!!! Here I am, trying to be domestic and I've never made bread! Well I'm happy to say that it worked!!!! And it tasted good!
I ended up making a HUGE mess!!
It's ugly but hey, it's the taste that counts right?!
My homemade bread and bottled butter. Yeah, I impressed myself!

On a side note this is why you don't let brother dress brothers. I was busy so I had James and Tommy help get Tim dressed, and boy did he look like a mess! (they were pretty proud though)

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