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Monday, November 18, 2013

It's just hair.... right???

A funny thing happened in August.... well not totally funny, more like traumatic for a little three year old.

You see... Benji use to have hair like this.
It was thick and course and oh so curly.
Frankly I was jealous of his great hair. 
And then one day Benji found some scissors.

He cut a chunk out of his hair. I could tell but others usually could not. With his hair s fluffy it was an easy cover.

And then.... he found my razor and proceeded to "brush" his hair. I only know that because after he brushed his hair he came out to brush mine.

This time the damage was much more noticeable. There was no covering it this time.

So one night the sadness began.
 All his beautiful curls started falling t the floor.
And then it was done. I think he was more upset at being held still than the actual cut but it was still sad.

Sadly the lesson wasn't all the way learned and he was found "brushing" his hair again a few days later. I too have learned my lesson and all razors are promptly put out of reach after use.

And the fact that he is a boy means that the fix was easy.... I didn't have to blend a missing pig tail or figure out new bangs.

His hair is growing back, because it does that.... and it looks like his curls will emerge again.

I didn't think I was so attached but I was. Hopefully next time he needs a cut it will be a trim and not a hack job.... by him or us.

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Lauren C said...

Aw, what a same to loose the sweet curls! But he looks adorable with his new 'do :)

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