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Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Half Dozen

Three weeks after Charlotte was born we went up to a friends house to have her take our pictures. Brianna has been a friend for many years and happens to be a fantastic photographer {she also has an indoor pool so it was great bribery to get the boys to behave and take good pictures}

 I love this picture of our family. It makes me so happy to know that these people are in my life. I love that our family feels complete.  {and look too.... everyone's face is in the general direction of the camera!!}

Swim was fun... what was even funnier was watching Brianna working so hard to make him laugh. I need to get her a funny hat to wear. And it was work to keep him from falling into the little creek in the park.

This boy is CRAZY!! He is non stop when he is awake and into everything. You can see where he has been as he likes to empty my drawers. Also for some reason he loves my wallet. He will search for my purse and only get out my wallet, and pull everything out, or rearrange it. He babbles all day long and we totally have conversations, only I have no idea what about.

I love Benji's eyes! They are a really pretty blue, but they turn grey when he is mad. I love his dimple!

He loves to give hugs and will ask me to hold him. He is independent which would seem nice... but it's not. He likes to pour his own juice {onto the floor} help get the markers {for Swim} will make sure everyone has their shoes {but not give them to anyone} and will put his own seatbelt on {only he doesn't and I don't realize it until we are on the free way and he is dancing between the seats!}

Of course there is our newest addition, our sweet little girl. I didn't realize that I wanted a girl until I held her in my arms. I would have been perfectly happy to have 6 boys running around, but she has completed me in so many ways. And the joy she brings to me is amazing.

I do have to mention the hand.... I have short stubby fingers. So I hired a hand model {Jen, and paid her with dessert} She has long beautiful piano playing fingers that look much better in pictures.

She was born with lots of hair and long curled eyelashes. Seriously... she is a doll!!

After 14 years I still really like this guy!! He is definitely my better half. We have been through so much together and are still going strong. He makes me happy, he wipes my tears when I cry, he makes me laugh, and he holds me together when I feel broken.

{And we make some pretty cute kids!}

Tim is 7 now and on that boarder of wanting to be a little kid, and wanting to grow up a little more.

He still likes to be held and cuddled and will curl up in a blanket with me and look at books.

Those dang teeth show no signs of coming in, so he has a jack-o-lantern smile that makes me laugh.

Tommy is our resident smarty pants. Don't know how to spell something??? Ask Tommy, he'll tell you.
He's a jokester as well.. He is also a schemer and always has something going on in his mind. He will be our first kid to hit the $1,000,000 mark.

He does have a soft spot for his siblings. Most of the time they drive him crazy, but at night when they are suppose to be asleep I'll hear him and Tim giggling over something, or reading Benji a book. He is always willing to hold Charlotte, or help Swim. And he is more than happy to sit by James and help him with homework.... or Mind Craft.

I can't believe that I have a 10 year old!! {He'll be 11 in December!!} The time has gone so fast and it keeps going. James is a good kid. He is at that boardering age too... between kid and young man. Watching him grow has been harder on me than I thought. I want him to stay little but he reaches my eyes now... another 2 years and he will be taller than me.

Every now and then he'll turn his head and I can see where his jaw will form, or he'll take off his shirt to play in the sprinkler and his muscles are starting to be defined, and when I see him pick up his sister I get a small glimpse of the man he is becoming.

These boys have been my life for so long. Everything has been for them. I am so happy to be their mom and to raise them. They are going to be extraordinary.

And now with her in the mix just adds a new element of fun and wonder to our family. She has soften us all.

These people make me happy!!

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