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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don't choke on the dust!!

Good heavens it's been a while!!!

October... that's when I last posted.

Is anyone still there???

Ok, lets blow off the dust and give a little recap.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, but nice. Christmas was fun and although we wanted a white  Christmas we didn't get one.... we did however get 8 inches of snow 6 days after Christmas.

James turned 11 .... ELEVEN people can you believe it!! And our hellin' child Swim turned 2. He is the spicy one in the family and he keeps us hoppin.

Charlotte is on the move, and we work daily to keep her out of things. Tommy has decided that he wants to go to Oxford, and Tim wants to own property. Benji... well... he quizzes us daily on all things dinosaur and shark related. {and I have convinced him that sharks need hugs... and sandwiches... to be happy}

I have been missing here because I have been writing over at Socks & Shoes NOT Required. I am working on making money blogging. I love to write and I feel like I have good things to say. But there are somethings I just didn't want to write here on this blog. I like that it is kept for the family things. And while I won't be hiding my family at S&SNR, I don't want to put them on display. I also like feeling like I can have this one here as more of a journal, and the other is more of a business.

I think I have things set up over there.... as much as I can right now... so I am hoping to be able to just write. Both here, about the family and kids and our days... and there with reviews and homeschool things and what every else strikes my fancy.

I am going to try to make this work... I think it will be hard, but I'm ok with that.... {as long as you are too.}

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