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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Merging.... or not.

Some know that I have another blog that currently is just hanging out…. Socks and Shoes NOT Required. Kind of geared more towards homeschooling, prepping and parenting, this blog was meant to be more of the family blog that people who are far away can read and see the kids grow. I have stepped back from both for a while. I do love to write I but feel like I can’t be totally honest in all of my writings for fear of hurting people that I love, so I have been writing privately to hash out all of my thoughts and feelings.

I’m not sure yet where this blog will go… if I will continue to make it just of the family {which I totally can because my family rocks} to merge my other more “professional” blog ie… web hosted, with it, do I add all the dirty stuff, or keep that separate. AND.... Blogger is WAY easier to manage for the non-techy people like me. Seriously.... I would be up hours on end watching YouTube and reading tutorials just to end up in tears because I don't understand computer speak.

I’m just not sure yet what I’m going to do as I come back into my writing. I do know that I want a place to write about the kids, something that I can print off and give to them so they have something while they were growing up. Managing two or more blogs is just too hard for me right now, so I’m just still thinking about how I want to go forward.

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