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Friday, May 15, 2009

The going ons....

So things have been "slightly" wild at the house lately. The boys are keeping me busy as always but sometimes... oh sometimes.....First we have Tommy and his new look. He has been showing me his new faces lately and this has become a favorite. {oh just wait it get's crazier at this house....}

And here we have James... If you look real closely you can see that he is missing a chunk of eyelashes... He and the brothers were running around and all of a sudden James starts crying and claiming that he is BLIND!!! For about 10 minutes he is crying and being blind. {and we all know that James is so NOT dramatic} So after he was done and we were able to look at him {thankfully he still had his eye} he had a little scratch above his eye, and that missing chunk of eyelashes. He actually looks kinda funny. {just so you all know you should thank Photoshop and be grateful that I was able to photoshop the booger out of James' nose}
And now we come to..... Tim... that in itself should send chills up your arms.
Here we have my odd child peeling the buttery part off of his toast. Who does that???
And here we have him not letting his short size get in the way of getting the things that he wants. I was wondering how Tim was getting so many things that I put up out of his reach... I guess my question has been answered. Looks like I need to hide things....
And here we have something we have never dealt with before... a budding artist. Tim has taken his creativity to the walls of our home. James and Tommy never did this they were always good to color on paper {and occasionally themselves} Tim on the other hand... Good heavens this child... Good thing he is really cute. While we were asking the boys who did it, James and Tommy said that it was Tim. Tim, on the other hand kept blaming Tommy.... all the while holding the evidence... the magenta crayon.
Oh the joys of boys.....


laurdacooj said...

ha ha- the last one- no they are all cracking me up! I totally agree, this morning Jack and Cannon decided to play baseball in the house and shttered the light fixture on the ceiling fan!! Augh!!! boys:)
my email is laurdacooj@hotmail.com

Melissa said...

Today Connor had a runny nose. He blew into a tissue and handed it to me. I said be a good helper and go throw it in the trash. He said no, you be helper and throw it in trash. I think Connor and Tim would get along great!

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