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Saturday, May 2, 2009

This, That and the Other

I really have been bad about blogging.... in my defense I have been really busy. I'm hoping that after track is done I'll have more time to blog. Here are some going ons around here.

As always the boys are keeping me busy. But we have added an extra every now and then....
Tommy is replaced by "Buzz Tommy Lightyear" He has been making more and more appearances lately.... kinda like the Superman thing. {He was Superman for 69 days straight!!}
With the weather so beautiful out here we have been spending our weekends {when we have them} outside. Here is a picture of Tim.... right before he fell off the rock he was sitting on.
He leaned over and just kept going. Don't worry.... you will all be able to recognize him again... he has a bump on his forehead.
Remember the post about the bee? Well for those of you who might have thought I was over reacting.... here is the picture of the bee. Can you see how huge it is!!???
Believe me... it was totally worth the screaming!
We went up Mt. Lemmon and here is a picture about half-way up.
I'm so in love with all my boys!!
Here is Tim with the flowers. He was so gentle with the flowers....until he was picking them for me, then they were in many pieces.

James thinking he is funny by tickling people with the weed.

And Tommy in a headlock. Yes I realize that the husbands' head is cut off. {it wasn't purpose}

Who says that kids don't help out??....

Tim wanted to wash his blankets, so instead of putting them in the washing machine he decided that he would do it himself. So he put his blankets in the shower {along with some other miscellaneous toys} and turned it on. He forgot the soap {thankfully} and let me put them in the washing machine.

While Tim was washing his blankets James and Tommy learned to fly....

This is why couches have cushions....

I think Superman forgot his cape.

I hope your days are busy with happy things too.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Uh yeah. I'd be running and screaming from that bee too! WOW! (And only a blogging mama would think to pull out her camera and take a picture of that bee! I love it! hahaha)

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Your boys will have the best memories!!!

Randi said...

The pictures from Mt Lemon look really scary. It looks like the boys are sitting on a wall with nothing below them to land on if they fall! I love Buzz! How fun that you have such an imaginative little boy.

Melissa said...

I'm glad to see that mine is not the only coach used as a landing pad!

Alicia said...

Leah if your wonderful kids are keeping you from blogging then you don't need to apologize.... blogs will probably always be here, kids won't. So it just means you are being wise.

Although, it is so great to see so many fun pictures, so thanks for sharing!! That bee really was HUGE. That would scare the crap out of me!! And your picture of Tim washing his clothes in the shower just makes me laugh. I love the mid-air pictures of the super hero's too. It's so fun to see how attached the boys get to the super heros. I love their imagination! Have a great day!!

Whitney said...

What fun pictures!! I can only imagine how busy you are!!!

Camie said...

Holy Cow! That be looks like a little alien looking at ya. Scary!

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