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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well... yes is did hurt to fall off the face of the earth for a bit.... but I do have a really REALLY good reason!!! Only you'll just have to wait to find out. Don't you love the suspense???

Well here is our Christmas celebrations...{with lots of pictures.... but I think they are worth it}

Tim was a bit tired on Christmas Eve. This boy can sleep anywhere.... anytime
As you can see....Poor boy. {but what a funny picture}

Our Christmas Eve tradition... decorating a ginger bread house to be eaten Christmas morning. Here is James and his big eye look...
Thank you Grandma M. for the jammie pants!!! {and pillow cases... the boys won't sleep on anything else :)}

My beautiful boys! {being nice to each other}
Oh, Christmas morning

James has been asking for 3 years for a violin!!! And this year he got one, boy oh boy, this kid was happy!!

And this boy too was in heaven! He got stacks and stacks of Geo-Tracks {thanks to ebay and great finds!}
Tommy got Cars Mac Trucks. I love seeing them so happy to get what they want, no matter how silly I think it is, they love it and that makes me so happy.

Here are the boys Christmas morning... after the presents. The boys are required to have a muffin, and a piece of fruit, then they can have anything else they want. So they are pretty much on a sugar high the whole day. Thanks to the candy canes that Santa brings, and the ginger bread house, and all the other goodies they find.

We had a lucky find.... This is Swim, he is the husband battle buddy from Iraq. He is in a new profession {don't ask.... if I tell you I'll have to kill you and that would take too long and just be way to messy} Anyway he had a couple days off and couldn't get home to his family so we had the pleasure of his company, and the boys really did love it.

Remember the ginger bread house.... it was pretty picked through by 10:00am

One of the family gifts we got was a Wii. So we all have taken turns playing.... and here is Tim beating up Swim in a boxing match.

Tommy showing me his new talent....he can make a whole in his muffin. So if anyone needs a muffin whole-er, I know one.
Our traditional Christmas dinner. Homemade pizza. The husband flips it and all. This year was ever so interesting.... I totally ruined the dough!!! So I went out on a trek to find some, and I even hit up a pizza truck at Walgreens. But to no avail.... I can attest that everything is closed on Christmas... But here comes my knight in shining armor, and the husband saves the day and pulled it off wonderfully!!! {look how yummy}

Over all Tim had a great day!!!! As did we all. I love Christmas time. I love spending it with my family and our traditions. I love the good friends that we have and I love my wonderful family.
Here is to the new adventures...


Amy said...

the picture of time in the bathroom is the funniest thing ever! Glad you had a great Christmas.

Karen said...

What a wonderful holiday you had. The bathroom pic is just too cute. I can't wait till Anthony gets older.


Katie said...

LOL! Your boys are funny!!! Glad y'all had a great Christmas! :)

MamaOtwins+1 said...

The bathroom pic is by far the best! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, and I love the gingerbread house that everyone eats the next morning!

Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

The bathroom and eating the gingerbread house are the best!!

Emily said...

How fun that he got a violin! Can't wait to hear why you fell off the face of the earth...yet, from your comment I have a pretty good clue. ;)

Glad you had a lovely Christmas!

Mad Woman said...

Looks like a lovely Christmas. How awesome that Swim was able to spend it with you!

Anonymous said...

i'm just going to throw this out there... swim is dreamy!

also, that whole sleeping on the floor mat is SO me when I was little. how precious. my nephew opted for my giant fluffed up bed for christmas naptime. it was so adorable walking in there and seeing nothing but pillows, a giant comforter and this teeny tiny little sleeping head. *precious*

happy new year to you! :)

Diane said...

Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas. Loads of fun with the family...wonderful memories....love all around... what more could anyone ask for. Love the pj bottoms boys. You look great!
Love and miss you all

Jason and Claire said...

Great Christmas! Love that he got the violin.;)

Anonymous said...

Oh how much I love the stories about your boys! If I ever get any children I'd love to have boys...

I'm forwarding the award I got from Angelia to your blog, because I enjoy your stories so much. I don't know if you're participating, but you can find the award on my blog.

one quick click will help me get into the top 25!!

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