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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Five for fighting...

There is a hockey league in Daytona, and the best part.... it's FREE. So Tommy and James got signed up! It starts out with 6 weeks of ice skating lessons {that's what they are calling it} and then 6 weeks of hockey practice and then 4 weeks of games. The boys were so excited to start and get going.

Tommy started out in hockey skates.... then we had to change him into figure skates because he couldn't stand up straight in the other ones. He did much better in the figure skates... so now that he knows the feel of skating hopefully we can get him in to hockey skates next time
Ok.. I'm the first to laugh at my kids so you can laugh too.... I think this is so funny to see Tommy in a walker....
He was brave enough to skate about 3 feet with out it before the end....
James, too, used the walker, and he was funnier than Tommy. Not having any toe picks there was no way for him to grip the ice.
He tried to hard and was working hard to get it right.
In the end it paid off and he was actually skating on his own. {then he fell and got really hurt... more his ego}
Both he and Tommy were sad to leave. I was so proud of them for getting out there and trying something new.


Amy said...

very fun! and seriously...FREE! that's fantastic!

Jen said...

Toe Pick!

Too funny. Hopefully they're way more coordinated than their Aunt Jen. Hee hee hee.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

That is such a great opportunity! Sounds like a real nice program for free. I'd be using that walker too!

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