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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zoo days

Today was a beautiful day for the Zoo!! it was 70 degrees and no humidity. It was truly wonderful. The husband has been studying so hard for mid-terms, so it was nice to get out and spend some time with him.

Dad lifting Tim up to see the crocodile. The crocodile was sleeping peacefully until the husband made the comment about him being stinky... at that point the crocodile opened his eyes and looked right at the husband.... it was kinda freaky...
The boys looking at the map, trying to figure out where we were.

Looking at the porcupine, they were up and walking around and the boys were wondering what they would have to do to see the porcupines shoot their quills.

It was a good day and so much fun. I love days like this. I love spending time with my family. Even if it does come with questions like "Dad, how can you tell it's a boy???" "Do you think the kangaroo will let me get in the pouch??" "Would the alligator eat me if i threw something at it??"


Jen said...

You so need to take these boys to the Everglades down in Homestead and walk the Anhinga Trail around Christmas time. The water is low so the aligators are EVERYWHERE and there's not really a fence between you and them. You could answer a lot of those questions first hand. :)

Regina said...

WOW..what a FUN day ya'll had. I will be so happy when our days get warm enough to go visit the zoo. One of our favorite places to go.

OMGOSH...kids can come up with some great questions...I know our Chazman has...LOL!!


Sending A+ thoughts on the mid-terms too!!!

caydetaylor1 said...

As I look out my window to 5 feet of snow all I can say is.....JEALOUS!!!!

sarah said...

How fun!! Your boys are adorable, and what awesome memories they're making!

We did something similar on sunday, and it was a huge hit!


Good luck on midterms!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you're so lucky to have such good weather! We're still somewhere inbetween winter and spring with snow all over the place.
Think I'll grab my little cousins and head to our zoo as soon as it gets warmer to watch all the kid animals...

K. M. Berry said...

I'm a new SITS "girl." I'm afraid my wife will be in your position soon as we have twin boys on the way, a male dog, a male cat, and a couple male birds. The one female among the bunch--a Goffin Cockatoo--is a far bigger fan of me than her. Any advice for her in the oncoming testosterone fest of doom?

Adriana said...

wow your boys are beautiful! Growing up i lived with my dad and three brothers and now i have a son and a step son...always thought i wanted a girl but im loving all the boys! im new to your blog but ill be following..found you on SITS

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