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Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer mom

{Tommy's personal cheering section}

So it's official.... I'm a soccer mom. Tommy needed something to do that was his own thing, so we signed him up for soccer. {and I signed up to be the soccer mom... because I have nothing else to do :) }

He is on the rookie league so he had 5 practices and 5 games and that's it. I think it works out really well for these little kids {4 and 5 year olds} All they want to do is kick the ball anyway.

Tommy is so funny! During his practice time he would cut in front of the kids in line that weren't paying attention and moving forward. I don't think most of the kids even noticed.... but the parents did.

Tommy actually looks like a soccer player and has a great time out on the field.
{he's number 10}

His first game came and we all dressed in light blue {that's his team color} and went to watch Tommy play. We got rained on.

The husband stayed in the car with Benjamin, and I took the other two out to the field to watch the game. By the time they were done it had let up and wasn't so bad. And Tommy had a great time!What kid doesnt like to play in the rain!
The favorite part of the game??? Snacks of course!

{what a difference a day makes... this is his next game. I think the kids had a funnier time in the rain, but as a spectatar... I enjoyed not getting dripped on.}

This might be the start of something great for Tommy.. he is really competitive and was right in the middle of it. He almost scored twice, but both times he kicked toward the goal he missed it... just barely.

I am really proud of him!

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