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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Itsy, Bitsy, Spider

The boys and I caught up with a friend and had an afternoon together. I left Benji sleeping with her husband and we took the big boys to the park.

We ate lunch and the boys played on the playground, and then we went for a walk. The boys had a blast and even found a really big tree to climb! This tree was awesome!
 The only bad thing about this little nature walk was the spider webs. It had just rained so all the spiders were out re-making their webs. Tim walked right into one and instantly turned into a Ninja! After he recovered we were on our way.

Then Kelly did the same thing, I have to say her Ninja skills weren't quite as good as Tim's.... But we all had a scare as we looked and saw a HUGE spider in her hair!! Me, being the calm one in the group, lead the screaming and flapping of arms to what was going one. Let me tell you how great of a help I was!!! You are all thinking that you want to take me on your next hiking trip huh!!

But really.... what would you have done???

Yeah... I'm pretty sure you would have done the same thing I did.


Pyratess said...

THAT is a banana spider. LOL... NOT a garden spider. I now know the difference. LOL!!! http://pyratdreams.blogspot.com/2011/08/another-nature-study-botched.html

Karen and Gerard said...

EWW! That's the biggest spider I ever saw, how gross to have that thing in your hair. I'd scream too and normally spiders to not freak me out.

Kelly O. Chinn said...

Indeed, my Ninja skills stunk that day. Thanks to my quick thinking and fearless son, Aidan, that Golden Silk Spider did not stand a chance remaining in my hair for long. The stick in the pic is the one he used to whack the monster out of my hair!!! Whew :) Aidan saved the day. XOXO

Mamarazzi said...

oh man i woulda FREAKED out!!

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