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Sunday, October 2, 2011

5 years and counting!

Tim had a birthday! And he turned the ripe old age of 5!! This poor boy has kinda been jipped out of birthdays, so this year we did as he wanted. And he wanted a Dinosaur Train party. So "ALL ABOARD!!"
 Everyone passed through the "Time Tunnel"
Into the party. I saw this idea, about hanging the balloons upside down, and I thought they looked really cute. {until James, Tommy and Connor pulled them down... }
There were snacks for 'Herbivores' and 'Carnivores'.
The cupcakes were fun... they needed to have green grass for the dinosaurs to stand on.
there were a couple games that we played. I gave each pair of kids a dino-head, and they needed to hunt for the body and then put the piece together.
It was fun watching them try to find the right pieces
Then they sat on dinosaur eggs to hatch the dino babies.
We sung happy birthday and he blew out all 5 candles.... {that we had to go to the store for}
Then spiderman made an appearance! It was a good day.

Happy birthday my dear Tim! I am so happy that you came into this world. A little quicker and sooner than I would like but we made it out ok. You are a joy to our family. You are a great little brother and a great big brother. You always have a smile on your face and you make me giggle even when I try to be serious. I love snuggling with you in the morning.{except when your feet are in my face} I love you dearly my Tim!


Camie Rae said...

Cute!! Fun!! I love it!!

Pyratess said...

That was FUN!!! Thanks for inviting us!

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