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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Good for Nothing

"What are you good for my brave little man?

Answer that question for me if you can-
You with your fingers white as a nun-
You with your ringlets as bright as the sun.
All the day long with your busy contriving,
Into all mischief and fun you are driving;
See if you wise little noodle can tell,
What are you good for? Now ponder it well."

Over the carpet the dear little feet
Came with a patter to climb on my seat.
Two merry eyes full of frolic and glee,
Under their lashes looked up unto me;
Two little hands pressing soft on my face,
Drew me down close in a loving embrace;
Two rosy lips gave an answer so true;
"Good to love you momma, good to love you."

~Emily Huntington Miller

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