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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Time Has Come

The time has come to say good bye.

We are leaving here in less than 5 days. The house is filled with boxes and the pictures are off the walls. We were able to spend one more beautiful day at the beach. The boys are going to spend one last day with friends. Things here are coming to an end.

It was a good chapter to write. There were many joys and triumphs, there were celebrations and parties that we joined in. There was also heart ache and tears, and days that getting out of bed was to hard.

Being in Florida will be a part of my life that I will look back and remember fondly.

I am excited for our new life. I am ready for it, and feel like it comes at a good time for me. I feel like all the things that I have learned here in Florida has prepared me for what is to come. There will be new highs and lows and I will be ready for it and embrace it all.

The next time I post it will be from North Carolina, it will be from a new time in my life, and it will be from the new adventure that I am having.


Saimi said...

Different State, same humidity. You'll feel right at home!!

Hope you don't mind if I follow along.

Anonymous said...

what an adventure babe, how sad and exciting. Going to pray that everything goes smoothly and wonderfully.

Aleatha said...

I am going to put the spot light on you Leah. You are a beautiful lady inside and out! I am so grateful for the world wide web. I can keep sucking your knowledge and wisdom from you! lol Enjoy this new adventure!!!

Whitney said...

I hope you're enjoying North Carolina!! Take pictures of the area soon, I'm dying to see it! :)

And I hope with move with four little and one on the way was smooth sailing.

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