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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Bitter Sweet Ending

We are coming to the end of our time here in Florida. I knew it was coming, this was never meant to be a permanent place, I knew we were leaving and even looking forward to it, but now that it is here I am truly sad that the time has come.

When we rolled into Florida in mid-August it was hot and muggy. I probably would have had a better attitude toward living in here had we not arrived in the hottest part of the year. Really, I was miserable and hot. I am still not a fan of the Florida summers {between the heat and the hurricane season....} but the winters are pretty mild, and a great time to be outside. I have learned to love each season for what it is, and with the changing of the weather {however slight} comes something to look forward too}

The first year that we were here was a hard one for me. I had met a couple people, but didn't have any close friends. There wasn't anyone that I could talk to, or plan things with. I was homeschooling the boys for the first time and not having any outside friends for them made it really hard.

Looking back, I really needed that year of feeling alone. I learned so much about homeschooling the boys, I learned so much about myself. I really needed that time for me. I feel like I grew so much and am much more confident in the person that I am today because of it. I learned to rely on my Heavenly Father, and He taught me so many things.

The boys grew so much while we were here. They were all so young, closer to babies, when we got here. Now with James being closer to becoming a young man it makes me sad that the time went so fast. I have so many good memories of our time here with them, but I know that some wonderful days have passed and they have been forgotten.

I have many friends now, and leaving them is breaking my heart. I have really met some incredible women. I will miss them so much. And the beach.... I will miss the waves and the sand and the freedom of being in the water gives

I know that it is time for us to go. And I am so excited about the new adventures that we will have in North Carolina, but I will miss my time here.


Gingerrose said...

What a cool picture of benji! I'm so sad that you are leaving! Nothing is going to be the same without you and your family :( seriously, I'm going to be in denial for awhile and pretend you are just going on a long trip, okay?

dinoheromommy.com said...

I am so sorry you have to leave your home, but know your memories and friendships will always be there, bonds can not be broken

Saimi said...

I just had to check out your blog after reading your header HA!! I too do boys, except mine aren't boys anymore. My oldest son and his wife are expecting twins and guess what....they're boys! No surprise there!

Good luck with your move, it's never easy leaving good friends and a familiar place but at least in the church, one is always at home, as that never changes.

Whitney said...

Oh, I'm sorry that you're feeling a bit sad about moving. BUT, BUT, you get to see North Carolina in autumn. I hear (and see, thanks to Google) it's so beautiful there! You're living in all my dream spots, you lucky girl!

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