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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finding Nature

I love nature, I do. I love watching things that are outside in their own environments and seeing how they live.

But my love of nature stops at my door.

The boys, however, keep trying to bring nature in the house. I can usually stop them from entering the house if I am willing to take pictures. {I try to have my camera ready at all times... }

James seems to be really good at catching things....

Here we have a worm snake.... or so I have been told.

This little guy is only about 9 inches long, and didn't seems to mind too much to be held and handled young hands. Although I'm sure he was happy when he was let go.
Another day a toad was found, this guy wasn't as happy to be handled and kept jumping out of the hands he was in. 
James is quick when it comes to catching things... and he is quick to try to bring it in the house... 
Fortunately for me I'm a pretty quick mom and can usually sense a scheme in the works. They now have a couple plastic bucket and things with lids this way all living things can be contained.... for a short time.... so hopefully the wonderful world of nature stays outside, where it ought to be.


Anonymous said...

oh no...thankfully Dino is creeped out by bugs right now...scared to imagine him bringing those things in....

love how they carefully handle the snake and frog.

Whitney said...

Ugh. If an creepy-crawly is in its natural environment, I won't bother it, but the second it crosses the threshold, it's bug-zapper, stomping, swatting time. I'm so impressed that you're taking pictures of the little critters.

It's posts like this that make me a little glad that I'm like unto Sarah and Rachel of old. :)

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