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Sunday, November 4, 2012

On the trail

Steve was off one day so we decided to toss our schoolbooks to the side and go outside instead. It was a beautiful fall day and the colors were just starting to turn. One thing that I have missed is being able to walk the trails. In Florida it's just... HOT and unwelcoming to be outside most of the year. And there really aren't any trails around that are not going to take you through swampy areas... at least I didn't find any. I don't think I was outside long enough to find any though.

We drove a measly 4.5 miles up to a little area that had some great paths. And because Steve was with us we decided to take him on his first GeoCaching adventure. {and because it was one that was more difficult and I didn't know how to program my phone's GPS to what it needed to do}

Along the way we saw this spider that was spinning a huge web. We stopped to watch how carefully and quickly it worked.
Here are my excited treasure hunters out looking for the next box. If you have never tried GeoCaching you should! It's free and so fun! It's like looking for buried treasure. They are all over the US... they are all over the world!!
You can kinda see them here. They are off the trail following the clues and the GPS for the next box. I didn't want to go stomping through all the brush and trees here, and neither did Benji, so we hung back and climb the little hills and rocks instead. I do have to say that James is really good at finding the caches. This one was a multiply cache so each box lead you to the next one, and of the 4 that were there James found 3 of them!
Look at the falling leaves! Watching the leaves make there way to the ground is so memorizing.  
Our little trail that we walked. Total it was about 2 mile, and the boys did great! 
Each person is different and prefers different settings. The beach was nice and was beautiful in it's own way, but I love the desert and the forest. I more at home here than I have since leaving Arizona. I love the beauty of the trees and the smell of the air.

More shots of the beauty that is here in North Carolina

 I love this picture... although I'm not sure who is taking who for a walk. Captain has been the best dog. He drives me crazy most of the time and the hair that is all over my house is insane, but he is so good with the boys. When I walk him he does really well, but if he sees something he will try to run after it. When Benji or Tim try to walk him he doesn't pull away. He doesn't chase anything and he is so patience with them as they are both tangled in the leash.
On last shot of the beauty that we found on our day out. 
Fall is my favorite time of year, but I look forward to seeing the blooming of spring.

{this post is dedicated to my friend Whitney from The King and I..... she likes North Carolina}


Aleatha said...

This is just what I have been waiting for from your blog :)

Whitney said...

You mean... I LOVE North Carolina. It looks so beautiful!

Although, I could do without brightly colored spiders. I really could. :)

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