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Friday, March 29, 2013

She saved the day!

While I was going through a really depressing time after having Swim. I called my mom crying, just not knowing what to do or where to go. That was on a Wednesday.... Thursday night she was at my house. She flew from Utah to come and help me.

I was so happy to have her!

The boys were really excited too. They all have good memories of my mom, from the play set in the back yard, to helping wash the motorcycles, to GeoTrack set that she keeps at her house and the "awesome tracks Grandma can build"

There was one who was not so sure of this woman that the brothers loved... That was Benji.  He kept his distance from her. He also kept a close eye on her when she had Swim. He is such a good big brother.
After about two days he would talk more to her and show her things. He didn't want grandma's help with anything but she could sit near him. He started calling her grandPA which was so funny. By the time grandma left they were mostly buddies, Benji would sit on her lap for a moment and they even played cars together.

After my mom left Benji walked around the house looking for and asking for grandpa. I think they bonded...

Here are some pictures of my mom and Swim. She really is the baby whisper-er. She came in and took him that Thursday night and did night duty all week with him. She helped switch his schedule so he would sleep at night. It's amazing what normal sleep will do for people! 
The boys had a good time with grandma and loved showing her all the things they could do.
My wonderful family! I really am lucky to have a great family with all my boys, and a wonderful mom who rescued me!

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