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Monday, April 1, 2013

Nearly Impossible...

Anybody who has children and has tried to get their pictures take knows that they have a mind of their own... Well... the more children you have the more minds you have and the less chance you have to getting that perfect shot.

How thankful I am for digital cameras!!! I can take a million pictures and even look at them to see if they are sufficient enough to post for the world to see...

Yeah, I got over that...

To many little people with to many opinions of how they thing the pictures should be taken.

Some turned out good, and I would even say wall worthy...

Look they even all kinda match. AND their hair was brushed! {go mom!!}

 Tommy is my blinker... he can smile OR has his eyes open, rarely both at the same time.

 Benji was not happy that I put him back on the couch again...
 ...look.... just when I get a pretty good one of Tommy, James gets all squinty.... I really think they do that on purpose!

 Trying a new position... with a new person holding Swim.
 These next two pictures are actually really good... at least everyone's eyes are open and looking in the general direction of the camera.

I wanted to get a shot of all their feet.... I thought it turned out kinda cute with Benji sitting up.{know if someone can photoshop me a better backdrop.
 Black and white always helps a picture out.
But you know when it comes right down to it... try as you might to capture the perfect family picture in the perfect pose something often seems just.... not the same

 YUP.... This is the one for the frame!!


Aleatha said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! I think I like the one where Benji is coming towards you and the others on still sitting, is my favorite.

sinika said...

They are all perfect!! I always love seeing the progression of family pics. Your boys will too someday I bet!

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