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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A lot on my mind

My mind has been going crazy lately.

But it usually does that when I am sick. I don't feel like I can do a whole lot else, and so I think.

I think about the boys and how I am glad that they can live on cereal and sandwiches.

How I can clean my house with out moving.

How I find so much peace in the Gospel.

Will I have a girl, or be blessed with another wonderful boy.

And... our country.

This country... the American soil I get to live on is very dear to me. People in my family have fought to defend it. I have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War. I have a husband who fought on foreign soil in 2005. And I have family that has fought in all the wars in between.

I know this country was founded by great men. And I know that those great men had great women standing by them.

Sadly our country has fallen int chaos.

We are still functioning, but not well. People can't seem to decide what will be best for our country. People don't want to figure things out. It seem that those that are elected to give voice to the people they represent are falling short in their duties.

Right now we are in a "Government Closure" but I don't think anyone really knows what that means or how it is helping. Things like the National Monuments are closed... National Parks.... Military and DoD jobs are getting paid on an IOU. It's sad really.

But amidst the chaos there are heros among us. There is a man from South Carolina that went to Washington DC to clean the National Mall. He took it upon himself to do something that needed to be done, but wasn't because those "in charge" said no to lawn care.

I don't know this man... it was a story that I read. But this is what I want my boys to be like. I want them to take pride in this country.... even if it's falling apart. I want them to do something about it.

We have come a long way from "We the People".

Our country is not what it once was.

I don't know what the future holds.... I only can hope for the best and teach my boys as best as I can. I can teach them about how great this country once was, and can be again. That they need to stand strong for what is right and to do the right... no matter the cost.

To have faith that the Lord is in charge and that... really... is the only thing that matters.

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