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Monday, March 31, 2014

50 Things for her to know

I was able to watch Women’s Conference this year with my sister Erika. This year all the women and girls ages 8 and up were invited to go. It was neat to see all the mom’s with their daughters sitting together, and singing together.

I am getting more and more excited to have this little girl and to share nights like this with her.

I was also thinking about all the things that I want her to know…. All the things that I need to teach her, and things that I would like her to learn.

1 You are a daughter of God
2 Your worth is not dependent on what others think of you
3 Learn how to cook, and experiment in the kitchen
4 Ask for help when you need it
5 Learn to put on make-up that brings out your beauty
6 Never apologies for who you are
7 Get an education
8 Study what you love and what you are passionate about
9 Fight like hell for what you believe in
10 Never let a boy come between you and your brothers
11 Live with purpose
12 Learn how to mow a yard
13 and change a tire
14 and the oil in your car
15 Best friends may come and go, that’s ok
16 Always keep the secrets that are told to you even if you are not friends anymore
17 –unless it is something dangerous, then tell someone
18 Dance in the rain
19 Exercise your body, keep it healthy and fit
20 Have an opinion, you can always change it- but have one
21 Try different foods
22 Learn to use a gun
23 Plan your life around you and not the man you might marry
24 Go ice skating
25 Learn to take a compliment
26 Some things are with you forever…. Think long and hard if you really want that tattoo
27 Live on your own, even for a short time
28 Help others that are in need
29 Don’t read romance novels
30 I will always be here for you…. even if it to get you from the party that you weren’t suppose to go to
31 Be kind to people
32 Always find a bra that fits
33 A boyfriend doesn’t define who you are
34 Keep your head up
35 A beautiful soul needs a strong body
36 Drink water every day
37 Feel what you are feeling, don’t hide from it
38 Well fitting and modest is always better than to small and to tight
39 What others say is right, is not always right
40 Put $20 in your winter coat… it will be a great surprise next season
41 People will let you down
42 You will make mistakes as you grow
43 I will make mistakes too
44 We will both learn from them
45 Don’t ever fight for acceptance
46 There is a limit on “self-ies”
47 Sex will not fix or hold together a relationship
48 It’s ok to fail… you will learn from it
49 You are loved!
50 You are wanted!

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