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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To the Park

It has been awhile since we have been in an actual winter. I had forgotten how long the cold days last.... and how random they come.

We'll have a couple days that are cold, and even a little snowy.... and then the very next day it will be in the 70's.  That is what spring is like here in Utah.... until summer.

The boys had a day off, and I had some errands to run. 
The boys were great while we were in and out of the car for about 2 hours, so at the last stop I piked up some cookies and we headed to the park to play.
I think the boys really enjoyed getting out of the house and to run a bit.
We love going to parks, and finding new places to play. The only down side to this park on this day was the locked bathrooms. I had two that needed to go.... and while the little one could get away with peeing near the car.... the bigger one couldn't. So we had to leave. But this park is only about a mile from our house so easily within walking distance.
It was a great day to be at the park, the next day was back to school and routine.... and jackets because it was overcast with a "chance of snow in the afternoon"

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