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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bringing Charlotte home

I wrote about my birth story with Charlotte, but I also wanted to write about coming home. She was so sweet in the hospital, but the boys never came in to see her when I was there. We make for a lot of people and the rooms are really small, so we just waited until I came home before making any introductions.
 Here she is in the hospital still, I love that she came with crazy hair!
 A dear friend came to see me in the hospital and brought some flowers. She also made some really cute bows for her hair. It's so fun having a girl to dress up!
The other boys weren't to interested, and that was fine. I didn't want to push her on them. They are boys and she is a baby... at this point any little person who doesn't play x-box is just a pretty accessory.

Benji however....

This is Benji falling in love with his "Sweet baby Girl"
 {I couldn't resist posting this picture... look at those eyes!! If nothing else our kids have incredible eyes!!}
Swim is not quite sure, and he tries to be careful... he's just not....

Benji really can't get enough of her. It makes me happy to see this.
And a little scared for any other boy who wants to get to know her. I think they'll have to pass through Benji first.

 Sweet little girl sleeping. A cute little bracelet that a friend made fr her.
 And toes!! I love how they look like little peas when you open the pod.
On my phone I have a picture of Charlotte being held by each of the boys in our family. I'm going to hang it up in her room. She may be last, but certainly not least.
She was crying one day and Benji was concerned so he brought her a flower and a dinosaur to cheer her up. He started to sing to her and she stopped crying and just looked at him. It was a tender moment between the two of them.

And in case anyone forgot I have crazy boys too.... Someone left the markers down...Benji found them.... right before church..

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VandyJ said...

Boys don't stand a chance once she's a teenager. All those big brothers will keep her well guarded.

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