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Thursday, August 28, 2014


James and Tommy played Lacross this summer. I knew what Lacross was but I didn't realize what it all entailed.

When the boys went to pick up their gear I thought for sure they were missing stuff. I mean have you seen all the gear that football players have?? Lacross is so different!

They had shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and a helmet. That's it! That's all. And then we sent them out to a field with a stick and they were told to go hit people.

It's a pretty brutal sport.... we all loved it!!

Tommy was about half the size of most of the players out on the field. He took some hard hits, but he is a scrappy player and he's fast s he was able to keep up and knock people over.

{sorry for the picture of the head that is in the way!}
Lacross is a fast paced game! They play for 12 minutes straight, have an 5 minute break... another 12 minutes and an 8 minute break for the half... and then again for another 2 more quarters! And then they are done. {as a mom I do have to say that is one thing that I like about this game.... in about an hour we are done!}

James really found his niche as defense. He is really strong and coming at most of the players on the opposite side, he would just plow them over. He would like to continue playing Lacross, but any sport that has a defense that hits people he will be great at!

And what team would be complete with out a cheering section!! 

It was fun for the boys to play and Tim wants to try it next season.

.... They even have a woman's league....!

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