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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Christmas.... 3 months ago.

Christmas this past year was a good one.

We bought a live tree. It was beautiful and fun to decorate.

We had to string the lights a couple times because the first time Tommy put the lights on the tree the poor tree looked like it was being held hostage, it was wound so tight! Once we let the tree go, and tried again Tommy did a great job.

Our tree usually looks uneven usually decorated more on top or on the bottom. It's always fun to watch the boys decorate and how they do it.

In the end though we had to take the tree down. It was dead... I mean REALLY dead. It wasn't drinking the water that we were putting in the thing. We decided that a dead Christmas tree is a fire hazard so we took it down. It was kind of sad taking the tree down well before Christmas but it was necessary. And it's a really good thing that we did. While Tim was taking the lights off the tree they were shocking him! We would have had a fire! So it really was a blessing in disguise, and I am grateful!

It was a lot of fun shopping for the kids. Shopping for them is the best part of Christmas for me. I love seeing how surprised they are with what they got each year.

We got something for Swim to climb on... our little monkey loved his slide.

Christmas morning is always so fun and there is so much going on.

Can you get over these eyes!! I love her! It was a god first Christmas for her. Like all the babies, she loved the boxes and paper more than anything else.

The snow missed us by 4 days, so it was a beautiful sunny day on Christmas. Here's to another year!!!

Welcome 2015!

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