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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grandma came

In April Grandma Johnson came to visit.

We went to the Olympic Training Center. It is actually a very inspiring place. We were able to watch some of the athletes work out.

 ...I think they need a little more training...

There was the USA bobsled from the Salt Lake Games that was on display for us to see, and for the boys to get in.

We went to a dinosaur museum… Benji was in heaven. There was a little tour going on that we joined in and Benji pretty much took over and was telling everyone about each of the dinosaurs.

And then we went to the zoo. We love going to the zoo. And I think we only lost Benji once. He climbed into the elevator, to go up to another section of the park , before anyone else could get in and by the time we were able to get up there he was gone. We found him looking at the bears. The zoo is always one of our favorite places to go.

 they do love each other...

This is Colorado Springs. 

We love to have people come and visit us! And we love that Gandma Johnson is up for anything... Even a mile and a half walk that is mostly up hill.... I've never been to a zoo on a hill... I guess I can cross that one off my list.

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