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Monday, May 18, 2015

Charlotte is ONE

She has been with us for a whole year!! It went by so much faster than I wanted it to.

She is such a joy to have in our family. She is so calm and is always smiling. She loves playing with her brothers and they just adore her.

Benji will give her whatever she wants.

She laughs all the time, she will sign “please’ for the things that she wants. She says ‘mom’, ‘cookie’, and ‘please’… so pretty much the most important words in the English language.

She is a meat eater. She loves fish the most, but will eat anything that is meat.

Oh… and chocolate. I’m totally convinced she can smell it. I’ll be hiding with some chocolate and she will come find me to have a piece.
 she did NOT like the balloons!

Charlotte is a great sleeper!! {and I for one am so happy about that!}

She is running everywhere and is a champ on doing stairs.

She is also learning the ways of Swim. Every now and then I see that sly little smile and then she’ll do something that she thinks is so funny.

She HATES baths… likes screams and tries to climb out. So for that reason she is only bathed about every two weeks.

Her hair is so pretty, it’s brown with golden streaks. I’m kinda jealous….

Charlotte is also my lightest baby at a year! A whole 23 pounds {a full 7 pounds lighter than all of her brothers at a year} … which is funny because she was my biggest baby when she was born.

I never knew that I wanted a girl until she joined our family. And I’m so glad she did. She is the perfect end to our family.

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