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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blowing off the dust...

This little neck of the woods is dusty... duuuus-ty!

Since my last post... in May, I think, lots has happen.

Benji and Tim had birthdays turning 5 {and starting kindergarten} and 9.

The boys started school... well... going to school. Benji {K}, Tim {3rd} and Tommy{5th} to the Elementary school up the road, and James {6th} at a charter school.

Swim learned how to climb the fence... we now go to the rock wall once a week.

Oh there was Halloween, and all the boys had fun coming up with costumes and trick or treating the neighborhood.

Thanksgiving where everyone helped make the meal. It was low key and actually really nice to be by ourselves. It was so fun having everyone in the kitchen, and making some fun traditions... and food that we will make every year.

There was Star Wars.

And James turned 12!! and was ordained a Deacon.

Christmas came and went with joy. We had our bumps over the season, but it was a good one.

The first of the year brought more birthdays as Steve got another year older, and Swim turned 3... Yes, that boy is now 3

We are now in March, and James is in the first phase of braces... {a pallet spreader} Tommy is playing handball... {yeah, I had to google it too...}, Tim is playing roller hockey, Benji is working on reading and is so excited when he knows the words, Swim is crazy... seriously!! But he is so fun and there is always something going on with him. And Charli... well that girl is so sweet! She has a cold... her poor face is snotted shut in the morning, and she is still so smiley. He snot smile is so sad and so cute at the same time.

Steve is just working...he is enjoying it, and learning a lot with the doctor he works with.

Me... where have I been... well, I have been going back to school. I was going to APU {American Public University} to get a bachelors in Sociology. I have been doing 2 classes at a time, and they are over an 8 week period. I"m done now.. at least until September I'm transferring to BYU-Idaho because they have the major that I want, a bachelors in Marriage and Family, I'll then go on to get a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Our family is busy but I like it.

So there you have it... I'll be around a bit more and be back with pictures as well.

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