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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Having a good week...

Well so far this week has been a REALLY good one! No major disasters to speak of. Not sure how long that will last so I wanted to make sure it gets recorded. Not really much going on just busy with life. James is in school 5 days a week half day, and Tommy starts in September. I'm looking froward to the time I'll have just with Tim. James is also in swim lessons in the afternoon for two weeks, so we are in and out of the car a couple times everyday.

We've been watching the Olympics during the day and cheering on the Americans with the events that they are in. James saw one of the swimming events and said he wanted to swim in the Olympics. Well, later that day, after his swim lessons, I asked him how he liked it, and this is what he said:

J: "I liked it mom, but it wasn't like the Olympics"
Me: "Well, all the swimmers started out like this, with learning"
J: "Oh, okay.... well I want to do my arms like this" (showing me the strokes)
I guess he's into the Olympics too.

So here are some other things that I've been up to lately.
Some of you might recognize some of these kids (the ones that are not mine)

They are Amy and John Caldwell kids. You have Tommy, Jayden (9), AJ (11), Tim, Josh (3) and James. Amy surprised me by coming by when she was here in Sierra Vista. It was so nice to see her. I met Amy way back in 2002. She called me to see if I wanted to go out to South Carolina with her to see our husbands that were in bootcamp together. Then they lived with with us for a month in Monterey before moving across the street. Then I staied with them while I was waiting for an apartment out here in SV the first time we were here. So needless to say they are great friends. I remember her kids being so little (I remember when she was potty training Jayden) and now look at them! Time flys!! Now John is getting ready to graduate from chiropractic school, and ready to move forward. By the way if you ever are going to Portugal, I know some people you can stay with....

Oh... and the other great thing that is going on.... is that Steve is coming home eon Friday!!! He is actually going to leave earlier than what was thought so he is coming home for a week before he leaves for over seas. The good thing about this is that the sooner he is over there the sooner he comes home. I've been clearing the calender for next week when he'll be here. I'm so looking forward to seeing him!


Lucy said...

I haven't talked to Amy in awhile, look at all those boys!! I think of Amy EVERYDAY. She made me a blanket for Halle in a quick week. We found out we were moving, and my friends threw me a shower super quick... and well Halle still uses that blanket!! Funny, eh?

Alicia said...

Looks like when you get together with Amy you've got a FULL house. Boys! Boys! Boys! Must be fun!
I hope time flys fast for your sake to see Steve again!!!

Our Crazy Life said...

I am hoping 0 diapers...I still use them at night...just in case! But he is really doing good! It is such a rewarding feeling! LOL!


your boys remind me so much of mine!! i love that your post starts out, nothing to eventful this week...no one has gotten into anything too naughty:))

Amy said...

Aaron gave me your blog address, so I thought I would see what you guys are up to. He's talked to Steve recently. I don't know how you do it all while he's away for so long. You're amazing.

I haven't been blogging very long, so I don't know much about the different elements. So question for you is...how do you know who's looking at your blog? What so I need to set up? I would love for you to share that with me. I was very reluctant starting a blog for that reason.

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