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Saturday, August 9, 2008


(you have to listen to the song too)
The other day while I was watching kids (my own and others) I get a knock at the door. So as the kids are running to see who it is, and the dog is barking at all the commotion, Tim trying to eat the dog food (when will that end) and Calab (the neighbor boy) trying to escape...I open the door to this! Steve sent me flowers.

So this is for him. Sweetheart this is what I could put in words for why I love you, the rest is in my heart.

*You are my best friend,
*You are a phenomenal Dad and an incredible person.
*You are a GREAT cook
*You are a very hands on Dad who changes diapers and plays with the boys.
*You makes me laugh.
*You are handsome!
*You helps me get the house ready for functions and keeps the kids out of the way when I am hosting book club or other functions at the house.
*You are patient.
*You are teaching our sons how to be caring, loving, thoughtful young men.
*You always puts the family first.
*You put up with me and that is not always easy to do!
*You are smart.
*You are nurturing.
*You makes me feel safe and secure
*You makes me feel beautiful and so loved!
*We have so much fun together
*We could sit and talk for hours, or not.
*I love just being with you doing anything or nothing.
*Along the talking lines.... You will sit and just listen to me talk.
*You have a great sense of humor
*I can totally be myself with you. (All 12 personalities of me (isn't that right sweetheart?))
*You are always trying to better our family.
*You makes everyplace that we have lived a good one.
*You encourage me to reach my dreams and goals
*You help me be a good mom
*You are always willing to help others
*You make it easy for others to want to be friends with you
*You honor your priesthood
*You help with house work
*You are kind
*You are honest
*You are just wonderful!

You really are the sweetest husband. And you are my best friend and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I know our life is crazy and but I like it like that, it always keeps me on my toes. And as long as we are in it together (whether you're here or not) we'll always come out better on the other end.
Thank you Sweetheart for making my day, and life, a wonderful one! I love you forever!!!


Lucy said...

You are lucky, you two are great!

The Scott Family said...

This is beyond sweet. I'm happy you have your best friend forever.

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