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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adrenaline Junkies

So one of the days that my sister was here we went up and crashed the Bingham's campsite. So we hung out with them for the day and.... rode their 4-wheelers. (don't worry Binghams, I love you for more than your 4-wheelers :) )

The boys were excited from when I mentioned "4-wheelers" so they started asking to get on the quads the second we got out of the car. So it wasn't a surprise when I came around the camper to see both James and Tommy suited up and ready to go.

I put this one in black and white because all the gear was Emery's....so it was pink. And James tells me just about everyday that he likes all the colors except pink. But I guess now he look like a storm trooper.

The boys found a tree to climb that helped to pacify them so Eliza and I could go for a ride. Both James and Tommy loved climbing the tree. James did fall from the tree, and screamed on the way down, he did catch himself midway down. Once he was checked over for no broken bones or bleeding he was back up in the tree. He did scrape up his stomach but he didn't want a band aide or anyone to touch it, he just wanted back up the tree.

So the first ride we went on was just Priscilla, Emery, and Eliza and I. Eliza and I were on the same quad for this ride. It was so fun! Now if you have never ridden on the back of a quad it's so funny! You really have no control of your legs, so they just bounce and flop around. That along with the laughing makes it hard to hold on. Fortunately, nobody fell off.

Here is Eliza with her hair stuck in the goggles (sorry Eliza but it was pretty funny)

Not long after that Tommy got his little helmet stuck on his head.

When we got back the boys couldn't stand it any longer. So Eliza and I took them out. The first ride I took James and the second ride I took Tommy. Both boys were wanting to go higher, and faster. Every time we went up and over a hill they wanted to do a bigger one!
Eliza and Tommy ready to go.
James and I ready....

Coming down the hill with James, we got to the bottom and James asked to do it again... "but faster"
On one ride that I took Tommy on we went over some bumps and he kept hitting his head on my back, I heard "ough, ough, ough" I stopped to see if he was alright, and he was laughing so hard he could talk.
Tim went on a couple short rides but he was happy playing in the dirt, and just climbing on the quads. All the kids had a great time eating what ever junk food they could find, especially the M&M's and the candy corns we brought up.
Tim before he got dirty.

Climbing on the quad.
Playing in the dirt. This was a favorite thing for Tim.

Allen planned a little treasure hunt for all the kids and so we had a great time tramping through the desert to find the treasure box. The boys have loved the little motorcycles that they found.

Here's a classic picture of "Child with rootbeer" (or is it?) Tim was just happy that he finally got some.

Thanks to the Binghams for letting us crash their vacation and taking over the 4-wheelers.

We had a great day and the boys were in 7th Heaven when we left and have been asking for quads (hint hint Steve)


Eliza said...

Thank you Leah!! I do have to say that Tom's picture is much better than mine. Oh..and that is a great picture of Tim.

Nikki said...

How fun! Your more adventuresome than I ever knew about you. Your supppppppeeeeerrrrrr mom! Good Job Leah! I love reading your stories.

Camie said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I love getting out and riding.

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