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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch times 3

We have had so much fun going to the pumpkin patches. And a total of 10 pumpkins later we are done with that Halloween tradition, and we are on too costumes and candy.

So here is the adventures of the pumpkin patches.....

Our first stop was to Apple Annie's Orchard. There was a pumpkin patch so we stopped and picked pumpkins with my sister Eliza. The boys had a blast picking pumpkins and racing the push carts.

With Tim's short legs it was easier to have James push him than to have him walk.

I thought this picture was so funny, Tim just seemed lost in a sea of pumpkins.
And here he is picking one that was a good size for him to carry. The guy ringing up our pumpkins didn't charge us for this one. I think he was confused as to why we had one small pumpkin among the bigger ones, but this is the one that Tim picked and who am I to argue?
After a big mess, and Tommy stabbing his pumpkin to no end here are the results. They actually turned out really good. It was a good thing Eliza what there to help out. The boys loved the idea of carving pumpkins but having to do it was another story. The insides were "to gross" and carving it was "to sticky." I think because the little knife kept getting stuck. So Eliza did one (the happy face) and helped James (the ghost). And I did one (the cat) and helped Tommy (the mutilated bat). And Tim is carrying around his pumpkin.

The next pumpkin adventure was when James went to the pumpkin patch for a field trip. {This was the day that I blew both tires...you can see that post down a little} I was so excited to get to the school and pick James up and here all about his first field trip, but alas... I was late.

James and his giant pumpkin!
Our final stop for with the pumpkin patches was a field trip with Tommy's class. Picking the perfect pumpkin is a very delicate and time consuming thing, and it is not to be rushed! There is the traditional ways of picking one, oh, you know, looking at the color, tapping it, maybe picking it up to see if it feels right. Well I have been introduced to some new ways to pick pumpkins....
Smelling it.
Rolling it around.
And sitting on it.
Like I said these things can't be rushed, and after spending 20 minutes finding the right pumpkins we were able to move on.
Here is a cute picture I got of the boys. James came up behind Tommy and put his arms around him and was asking him about the pumpkin that he picked out.
Here is the typical "trying to get all three boys to look at the camera at the same time and NOT look like maniacs" picture. I guess we were almost there.
And here is one of all of us as we were ending the field trip. The boys just got a piece of candy and I told them I wouldn't open it until they held still for the picture.

And to conclude this time, I leave you with the fun we had painting pumpkins (Three kids, one mom and knives was too much for me to handle) and this way no one ended up injured. (and I wanted to use the pumpkins to make a pie later)When we went to the store to get brushes, I thought I would let them pick out what ever colors they wanted. So we had red, and green, a tan, and yellow. Yeah, it didn't dawn on me until later.....

Here is Tim with his painting, and he actually had more on his legs than on the pumpkin.

And here we go.... Our works of art. Remember the color pallet? Well all those colors make a beautiful shade of orange. So yes, James and Tommy painted their orange pumpkins orange!


Jen said...

You picked orange to paint your pumpkins with... that's hilarious. We actually carved our pumpkins three weeks ago for Family Home Evening and threw them out last week. Yeah, didn't get the timing on that one right... Davy is waking up right now singing "The Wheels ON the Bus" and scratching himself. Ah the joy of boys...

Camie said...

Leah your boys are too cute, and they all look just like you. I can't wait to see them in their costumes.

Emily said...

I haven't done the carving thing yet- I better get on that! I love the pictures- you were super mom this week and you still have the trick-or-treating to look forward to:)

Emily said...

Leah, you are so blasted cute. And your boys are all clones of you...especially James. Love the orange painted pumpkins!

Love your blog.

The Scott Family said...

Man, your boys love the pumpkin patch. Very cute. You look great in the picture of you with your sons. That's a sweet picture. And, not many people would think of painting an orange pumpkin orange. That's pretty original!

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