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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laralynn got me

My sister-in-law tagged me, so here goes!
I am: Pretty awesome
I want: Everyone to find there shoes!
I have: 3 boys (and a dog) that have more energy than you would believe
I dislike: Bugs!!! Anything creepy crawly freaks me out
I miss: My Sweetie
I fear: The fore mentioned bugs, heights and ironing
I feel: Overwhelmed
I hear: Not a lot, thekids are in bed
I smell: The clean house
I crave: Anything sweet!
I cry: When I'm watching a romantic movie
I usually: Am over scheduled
I search: For sanity
I wonder: What Steve will be when he grows up (love you sweetie)
I regret: Not much....but I probably should
I love: My family
I care: About the social economics of Russia (does that sound smart?)
I always: Kill things.... fish, flowers, vegetables, plants....
I worry: That Steve will get hurt
I am not: Organized, but I pretend to be
I remember: My dreams
I believe: That I am a daughter of God
I dance: Anywhere there is music playing
I sing: Off key
I don't always: Pay attention
I argue: With the boys on why they can't run in the road
I write: Blogs, letters, and emails
I win: really at nothing....
I lose: at every game I play with Steve
I wish: I could play the piano
I listen: to all kinds of music
I don't understand: How to turn kids off
I can usually be found: At my house (unless I'm not)
I need: I don't have a husband at home so take a wild guess at what I need.....
I forget: Anything I don't write down
I am happy: Most of the time
I tag: anyone who wants to do this

1 comment:

Emily said...

You have always been the sweetest gal! I think you are adorable! I love that you have all boys at your house! I bet you are such a good mom! I feel lucky to know you!

Have a great day!

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