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Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions... I Hope.

Well, being the New Year and following the trend of making resolutions I'm going to let you all know what I'm going to try to accomplish this year. So following a blogging friend Lori, I'm going to start with really easy goals that I know I won't mess up on. This year I'm NOT going to jump off any cliffs, I am also NOT going to rob any one. See if I keep my expectations really low at least next year I can look back and say, "Hey, see I have some resolutions that I kept!!"

So at least I have a start huh.... Here are some others that I hope to stick to this year.

1-I'm doing my own take on Becky Higgings' Project 365 but I'm going to post my pictures on my other blog, See What I See. One picture a day.

2-In my ever quest to be more organized this is again on the list this year. Some people just are organized and some can only dream about it.... I am neither. There is to much chaos in my brain to have an organized dream. But hey, here's to hoping, and working hard.

3-I'm going to get a curriculum and files ready to homeschool the boys next year. I know there are some that are saying, "Good for you, I could never homeschool my kids." I think you could.... You taught your kid to walk, talk and use the potty... it's really not that different. {There will be more on this later.}

4-I want to get my Esty store going. I have some good ideas that I wan to get out there and get paid for. There will be a link soon.

5-So if I'm wanting to do an Esty store I guess that means that I actually have to do more crafting

6-To find Joy in the Journey. I am going to work on waking up each morning with a good attitude and ready to embrace the day and find the joy. {But I do reserve the right to have bad days and blog about it}

7- To grow closer to and have a closer relationship with my Savior. Through prayer and scripture study I'm going to get to know Him better.

So I think I'm going to stop there.... I mean I don't want to get to ambitious. I actually want to try to reach some of these goals. Please have high hopes for me... I'm going to need it.

Happy New Year Resolutions!!!


Mrs. Jacqueline said...

Ooooh, I lovelovelove Etsy! Can't wait to see what you've got in your store :) Visiting from SITS BTW.

LORI said...


Melissa said...

Great goals! You can do it! I plan on being more organized too once we move in August, but until then what's the point?! And I love the 365 project~ what a fabulous idea!

B said...

Great list! Best of luck with your etsy store when you get it up and going.

Carla said...

What marvelous goals! You go girl! Happy New Year Sista:)

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

Great resolutions! I stopped by from SITS, glad I did.

Tranquility said...

Great resolutions!

I just decided not to make ANY this year. I have plans for the year, but I've learned that I'm just happier to surprise myself with accomplishments rather than being dissapointed with broken resolutions ;)

Good luck with the Etsy store and homeschooling - I can hardly wait to check back and see what kind of fantastic creations you post!

Zen Ventures said...

wow! I admire you for coming up with some resolutions. I wish you best of luck in achieving them all. Let me know when you get your Etsy going so I can go visit it and heart it.


Whitney said...

Hey! I am totally doing Becky Higgin's project! Didn't you about go INSANE with how ridiculous it was to get your order in?! I'm excited to this, though, it's really going to help me with my resolution.

I totally think you should homeschool your kids. I am 100% behind homeschooling. I wasn't homeschooled, but I am seriously considering doing it with my children.

DO open an Etsy store. I love Etsy. I could stay on there all day long.

The Scott Family said...

Numbers 6 & 7 are the best. They are on my list too. Good luck!

Jen Sue Wild said...

what great goals!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

EmilieAn said...

what are you going to etsy?

Mommynightowl said...

I love your low expectations resolutions. I need to make some of those myself, so I can look back and feel accomplishment that I for the first time kept a new years resolution. What are you selling on etsy, I'll be sure to look back for a link so I can check it out.

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