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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Mama is on a Mission

You know when you have those days when you wake up and just know that you are going to change the world. Well today was not one of those days. However, I did get a lot of things done today. Change the world... well no, but marking things off the list....TOTALLY!! I got up and made my list and got started crossing it off.

*Made phone calls and replied to emails, folded laundry, and did dishes {the easy part}

*Cleaned the playroom. This was a deep cleaning! I decided to pull some of the boys' toys. I'll admit, they have too many. So I boxed some up and put them out in the garage. I'll rotate them out in a couple months.

*We went out and cleaned the back yard. The birds have taken over the back patio, and had to clean all the signs that they are hanging out.... all the bird poop. Threw away all the broken, random toys, and I even raked the grass. You see, I kill anything that might in one way or another fall in the plant category. So I thought I would rake the grass and get it ready for Steve to work his magic and turn the grass green again.

*I washed the car inside and out. Nothing close to the "wax on, wax off" in fact I don't wax. I started one time... a long time ago, but I got half the hood done on a car that we had, and then I was spent and couldn't go on.... so no waxing for me. I even vacuumed the inside, I didn't realize how much.... actually I'm not even going finish that sentence, I have three boys, nothing dirty should surprise me.

*Went to a wedding reception... all the primping that comes with that... yes, I do need a lot of primping, surprising I know. After yelling at the boys for pulling on the table cloths, spilling the bubbles all over the floor. running amok, and complaining about wanting more dessert I got tired and decided to join in the Karaoke fun. Since I like to exploit my children I made James sing with me. So we got up and sang 1985, by Bowling for Soup. James loves that song and had a great time singing "19 - 19 - 1985"

*After putting the boys to bed I started picking up the rest of the house.

I think a lot of this is mostly adrenaline. I am really excited... especially for Steve coming home, which by the way, he should be back in the country... THIS country... the USA, on Monday!!!! My other big news is that I'm the new distance coach for the high school track team! I know one other thing to be over but I'm really excited. This is the first thing that I have truly done anything for myself, just myself. Most of the time I'm I doing for the boys or the husband, or other people, but this is just for me. I've never coached before, so this is a whole new thing for me, but I ran Cross Country for 4 years, and Track for 3, so I've been around. Anyway, I've been thinking about drills and practices and stuff and just been on a high. Hence the cleaning!

Well my mission is now complete and I'm now exhausted {are you}... I think I'll go to bed, and hope I have enough energy to roll out of bed tomorrow.The boys had a, great time "helping" wash the car. James did a pretty good job, but Tommy wanted to wash the rocks in the yard. We now have the cleanness rocks in the neighborhood! After that the boys got wet... the most reasonable use for water.

{oh, I updated my other blog with my 'Picture a Day' if you want to peek}


Melissa said...

Wow, it sounds like you got as much done in one day as I do all week! Congatulations on your new coaching position it sounds like a lot of fun. Your kids are adorable. Have a great week with Steve.

Christine Rowley said...

Congrats on the coaching position!

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like you got a lot done!

Eliza said...

Isn't it January? Your boys are washing the car with no coats and no shoes....I am so jealous.

Amy said...

Way to tackle that to-do list! I love days like that. It really does make you feel like you can change the world...or at least "your world".

Lynette said...

Congratulations! I know the feeling.

:) Enjoy the hubby.

The Scott Family said...

Oh my heck you were busy. I'm really jealous right now, as I'm sitting here telling myself to get up and start dinner and picking up. You're one amazing, funny woman. You communicate your feelings so well on your blog. I always feel like I'm right there with you. I like it. So, it's past Monday. He's definitely in the country. Is he home yet?

Whitney said...

Wow. Look at you go!!

Congrats on the coaching job, that'll be so fabulous! My sis ran Cross Country and Track too and I was always boggled at her for CHOOSING to run. **barf**

Steve gets up in 5 days! HORRAY!!!

Thanks for your kind words in regards to my grandma!

Stuart and Heather said...

Leah, so good to hear from you. Your kids are beautiful, and I'm happy your hubby is on his way home. I think it is FABULOUS that you are going to coach! Good luck, and I'm excited to stay in touch.

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