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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sparkling Cider, Mailboxes, and Forking.

Welcome to the new year!!! I went to a friends house to celebrate and I had the best three dates that escorted me to Lita and Kent's house. After crazy games and crazy children we were ready to welcome in the new year. The boys did really well and were up the whole time... yes, all the way to midnight.

I tried to get Tim to look at the camera but he was too busy looking at the glasses filling up with the sparkling drinks.

All the kids were really excited to get the blow horns and bang the kitchen pots and pans. Once all the kids had the noise makers there was no stopping the chaos.

Like I said once the banging started there was no stopping.... I thought of making James like Little Cindy Loo, but decided against it. {What would I have have told his mother???}
Here is Tim eyeing the bubbly, either that or he is really tired and is having a hard time holding his head up.... you take your pick.
When we finally made it to midnight we sent all the kids outside to make all the noise they wanted... Tommy had an urge to be the first to check the mailbox, there was no mail yet, Tommy was slightly disappointed.

After all the noise Lita was happy to hit the sparkling cider,

And so was Tim.

All Kent could think about was the glorious time he would be having the next day watching 14 hours of football.

Anne was really happy to have a chance to show us all that could do better than all the kids in blowing the noise maker thingy.
And really what would any party be with out a complete melt down.
And what other way is there to end the night but a kiss.


Amy said...

So much fun! Gotta love the bubbly!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hey, I linked over from Spirit Jumpers.
Happy Be-lated New Year! Hope you have a healthy and good 2009!

Angie ( a fellow spirit jumper)
"Nana's Box"

Melanie said...

I love your short hair!

Steve and Katie said...

It looks like you had so much fun! You gotta love New Year's! Oh - and the girls pjs are from Childrens place - Brighams are from Shopko. Cute huh! He is OBSESSED with cars! AHHH!!

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