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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kinder-Steps Dropout

It's official... I pulled James out of school.

Let me start at the beginning... For a while now James has not been wanting to go to school. And the other day we were sitting down just talking and he turned to me and said, "Mom, I really don't like school." We talked about it more and came to the point that he wanted to learn at home. I told him that he wouldn't see his teacher or his school friends any more, and he was ok with that. We talked that being at home didn't mean watching TV or playing all day, he would still have to do some school work and work really hard on his reading. He said ok. {I wanted to salvage some of the love of learning that he had when he started school} So on Thursday, I went and pulled him out of school.

I had really mixed feelings about it. I know I want to homeschool. But the pressure of society to make you think that you have no idea what your own child needs is strong. I think we so many just follow the crowd because it's easier. And the idea of having 6 hours free is very appealing. But I don't think my child would get the education that I want him to have. This will be a learning thing for me too, and I'm kinda scared, but excited too. James has been really interested in Galileo lately, and now we get to explore that.

We have officially entered into the realm of homeschooling....

The best part was that night when he said his prayers he said he was thankful not to go back to school. I don't know that I will ever truly know what happen to make him want to come home now, but I know I made the right choice for him.


The Scott Family said...

I'm happy for him. Good for you for listening and having the courage to do what you know is best for him. Good luck! Have fun learning with your precious little guy!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

You are the one to do this!!! You should have zero doubts about yourself because look at allt hat you've already taught them. You are going to be a great teacher and I'm sure James will go from Genius to Master of the Universe.

Stuart and Heather said...

YOU are the only one that can really know what YOUR child needs! All kids are different, and for anyone to take the approach that they all should learn the same and thrive in the same type of environment is CRAZY! I'm amazed at your courage. To be honest, I'm thrilled that Preston is thriving in public school because I often wonder if I would have the patience to homeschool if that is what he really needed! GO LEAH!

Camie said...

I had a brother who told my mom the same thing. At first she was totally against homeschooling him, but she realized quickly that she was thinking about what she wanted and not about what he needed. I think you'll do just fine. There are so many resources available now that it a wonder that more moms aren't doing it. Good Luck.

Melissa said...

That is an exciting adventure. I have thought about that many times. I feel like I help tutor them so much at home that I might as well be homeschooling. However, I also know that my kids will reach a point someday when I might not know how to teach them anymore. Our schools are really good here, so for now they are still enrolled, but someday they may be homeschooled too - especially if CA laws allow teaching of inappropriate topics. So let me know how it goes. I may need your notes later.

Lizzie said...

i love the picture of him peeking out, too cute :)

came over from SITS to say Hi!

Amy said...

Good for you! It's all about what's best for our kids and helping them realize their potential.

Emily said...

Leah...I haven't been to your blog for a while...and I've been missing out!

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling! You will do fabulous!!

Good Luck on your move to Florida...and how great to have a chiropractor for a husband....LUCKEEE!!!

You and your boys are adorable!

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