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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The wind and the waves

I didn't want to break up our vacation into different posts but I think I'm going to have to. I'm so busy with... well life right now so better this than nothing....

So first things first... our drive out to California.... We flew my sister in to Tucson to come with us to help with the boys. And it was totally worth it!! Not only did we get to go out a couple times, but she also refereed in the back seat... and... cleaned up puke. We have a baby that gets car sick. We figured out though that as long as he has the air blowing on him he is fine {and no more Carl's Jr. in Quartsize, Arizona}

Can I tell you of the happiness that was going around once we arrived at the hotel. I really don't know who was the happiest to be out of the car after a 9 hour drive. We stayed at the Portofino. After some house keeping issues were taken care of.... {I'll let Eliza elaborate on that one} it was a pretty good place. There was a bunkbed and a pull out couch on one side, with doors that slid closed, and then a king bed on the other. It was nice to have some separation, and be able to put the boys to bed and not have to go ourselves.

After getting our things in we walked down to the open mall to find a restaurant. We walked around. And James walked thought the fountain, {yup you read that right.} Then we went out to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory. We just got all the appetizers which was great and we found out that Tommy likes calamari.... I don't think he knew what he was eating... And of course there was cheese cake!!

The next day we took it easy and went to the beach. James was so excited to actually see it, and to touch it.... he was in heaven. I told him to go and feel the water and it he liked it he could put his bathing suit on and get wet. The wave had better ideas and James ended up in the water fully clothed. So rather than have clothing and a suit full of sand he just played in the water with his shorts on.

Eliza tried to help Tommy and Tim find sand crabs but there were non to be found.

Now Tommy does NOT like to get his face wet. So you can imagine the screams that came from Tommy when Steve picked him up and turned him upside down and let the waves get the top of his hair wet. Well again... the waves snuck up on them and neither saw it coming. Steve was holding Tommy upside down and here came the wave... Tommy's whole head ended up in the wave! I felt bad but it really was the funniest thing!!! And I think Tommy was to shocked to cry. instead he focused his energy on trying to spit the salt water and sand out of his mouth.

Tim loved to play in the sand and run away from the waves. He liked covering my feet in the hole that we dug. And having Eliza dig with him.

James just could not get enough of the ocean. He played in the waves and jumped around. It was so fun to watch. He like to squish it between his toes and watch the water wash it away.

But like all good things it had to end. And in every ending tears can be shed. And there was. Not because we were leaving...the boys were happy to go because they were tired and hungry. The tears feel because, in the words of James...."But mom... There is sand EVERYWHERE!! It's all over me and I don't like it" Then Tommy chimmed in... "It's all over me too! It won't come off"
Oh, the joys of the beach!

{I'm hoping that it won't take me 2 more weeks to get us to Disneyland... check back soon}


Telisse and Kade said...

That is too fun! Love the wave in the face..... and the awesome hair do it created. New style.

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

I can't wait for the sequal. Sounds like you guys had a great time. The boys are so lucky to have you guys as parents. Love you!

Camie said...

Oh, I miss the beach!!!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Gotta love the ocean.

Stuart and Heather said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! You must owe Eliza big time for cleaning up puke! I can barely clean up after my own kids, let alone someone else's! She is headed for Sainthood!

The Scott Family said...

What a trip! I can't believe it was just the beginning. I love all the pictures with Steve in them. It's makes me happy to see all of you have him for awhile!

Eliza said...

I hate throw up too! I have worked at a Children's Hospital for over 4 years and the only thing I never could handle was puke. I now got over it. As for the elaboration on housekeeping....let's just say everyone's worst nightmare was on the sheets of the fold out couch. YIKES!!

Melissa said...

Looks fun - and what is a car trip without a little puke? Those make the most memorable trips! Next time you come to CA - call us!

Whitney said...

YAY for sisters. Sisters are the best.

And that face! Tommy looks so perplexed/shocked/mad at his situation.

And sand does get everywhere!!! AWFUL stuff!

The Blonde Duck said...

Love the new look of your blog!

Rocksee said...

Such great pics!! It looks like you guys had a great time..!

Makes me miss the beach!

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